is the haytt as abd as everbody says it is

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is the haytt as abd as everbody says it is

Message: ..If we stay at an Island view at the hyatt we get 1 nite free which saves us $450 over the Westin Island view room. My husband and I are concerned about the walk to the beach and the fact that the beach near Hyatt is small and conjested.. Is it worth spending the extra $450 to stay at the Westin..?Is the beach at the Westin that much bigger that it would be worth spending and extra $450 for it? We want to stay at a resort with great service that is luxurious and has manicured gardens.....We will be spending the majority of our days relaxing on the beach and want it to be quiet. Which one of the 2 properties will better suit our needs?..We dont plan on spending much time in the rooms but have heard that some of the rooms at the Hyatt are old and outdated-which i dotn understand since they were renovated in 99-Is this true?....
ALso any good reccomendations for romantic beachside dining..

ANy other tips?
Thanks for all your help

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You must have read the posts responding to your husband's thread. Why do you keep asking? Take the advice given and either pay the extra $450 or suffer on the Hyatt's beach. Are you wanting someone to tell you something different from the truth?
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We have stayed at the Hyatt and at best would say it is acceptable. It is more of a business hotel than a resort hotel if you stay on the golf course of the road. The ocean side rooms are very expensive for how little you use them. The walk to the beach is easier with the overpass now and much less dangerous,saw several pedestrians nearly get hit crossing the busy road.We enjoyed the diving, Red Sail Sports, at the Hyatt. The poolside entertainment in the early evening at the Hyatt was very good. Overall a good but not great travel experience.
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There are MANY,MANY Hyatts in the Caribbean,and I have stayed at most of them.I have NO !!!! idea which one you are referring to. Could you enlighten us all, and maybe you would get a few more responses to your post??
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Everbody doen'st say the Haytt is abd. Some sya its rellay icen. Depensd on whihc ilasnd yuo mean.
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Sorry I meant the Hyatt in Cayman Islands..Any comments?
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Jeb and Bertha
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Here is a link to our trip report at the Hyatt in Grand Cayman. It may provide insights into your dilemma.,_2001+1763
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I stayed at the Westin last summer and the beach is about 10 times larger than the Hyatt's. The Hyatt's beach was so crowded people were literally elbow to elbow. The Westin has the best beach on 7 mile beach. If you want a great beach stay away from the Hyatt.
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I would say that if you are planning on spending the majority of your time relaxing on the beach and want it to be quiet you should not chose the Hyatt. We were in GC over Christmas and I will tell you that since 9/11 the hotels there are much less crowded and although that might help somewhat, I still would go for the extra money. The Westin is overall a MUCH nicer choice.

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