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Rita Jan 7th, 2000 12:14 PM

Is Elbow Beach really the best?
Planning a 25th anniversary trip to Bermuda and have not yet stayed at Elbow. Is it the very best Bermuda has to offer? Looking for perfect beach, few children and noise, excellent dining and service, and a great room...what do you think?

kathy Jan 7th, 2000 12:39 PM

Southhampton Princess had great rooms, dining and service, but quite the convention atmosphere ...maybe Elbow is more for the individual traveler...beach at Southhampton could have been better.I'm anxious to hear about Elbow myself ...good luck!

Michelle Jan 7th, 2000 03:09 PM

Absolutely NOT! We were looking for the best for a very special anniversary trip this past May and after reading so much about how great Elbow Beach was supposed to be (according to many guide books) we booked there. We were extremely disappointed with the rooms. This hotel is by no means luxurious or even very nice in our opinion. The grounds and beach are beautiful and the hotel lobby was very pretty. However, I can not stress enough how disappointing the rooms were, especially considering the incredible price they charge for them. After two nights at Elbow Beach we moved to the Southampton Princess. The rooms here were MUCH nicer than EB, however, the hotel is not directly on the beach which is one reason we didn't pick it to begin with. The SHP is also a very large hotel so that may not be for some, but it does have many dining choices, shops, beauty salon, massages, nightclub, and a health club. From all that I researched about Bermuda accomodations, if I ever went back I would probably stay at Cambridge Beaches. It is a cottage colony on the far west end. We met a honeymooning couple at the airport and they just raved about how great it was. Hope all this helps you.

Bob Jan 7th, 2000 10:26 PM

Michelle is right: The beach is absolutely GORGEOUS (and so is the setting/location of the hotel)! However, I saw the hotel PRIOR to the remodeling job and was NOT impressed at all with the rooms that I saw (I was also at the Southhampton Princess). Now since Michelle obviously went AFTER the remodeling job, well, apparently they didn't do a very good job at all -- although it certainly looks great on the website, which, of course, can be deceiving! The Southhampton Princess definitely would be a better option, but remember, this IS a "bustling," large hotel. Perhaps the Cambridge Beaches IS more of what you're looking for since it's more quiet and reserved, so perhaps you should do some type of investigation of the place! (Hey, Bermuda, when are you going to get WISE and allow a Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton to be built on your island?!?)

mb Jan 8th, 2000 06:39 PM

As a native Bermudian, I enjoy all the chat about the island, but am amused by the fact that we are considered a part of the Caribbean. Since when?

Deb Jan 31st, 2000 06:55 AM

We are planning our Honeymoon in Bermuda in October. i have read a lot of bad things about 'Elbow but our travel agent suggested the "cottages" at Elbow Beach.Has anyone stayed there? Are they any better than the main hotel???

Julie Jan 31st, 2000 11:44 AM

Deb: <BR>Isn't October still hurricane season in Bermuda? Be careful! I was in Bermuda in early September '98 and a couple of hurricanes passed nearby, affecting the weather on the island. But it is a beautiful place! Cambridge Beaches I have heard is a great place to honeymoon. Southhamption Princess is another nice choice.

Chris Mar 3rd, 2000 04:11 PM

<BR>Travel frequently to Bermuda. Elbow Beach has a great restaurant not to be missed. The waiter staff has an attitude but don't let it ruin you dinner. Note that Cambridge Beaches has on older crowd.

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