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If travel time and cost were equal, would you choose Bermuda or Hawaii?

If travel time and cost were equal, would you choose Bermuda or Hawaii?

Aug 31st, 1999, 05:29 PM
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If travel time and cost were equal, would you choose Bermuda or Hawaii?

Looking for people who have traveled to both. What were you impressions? Where did you stay? how do the beaches compare?
Sep 1st, 1999, 05:53 AM
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Depends on the time of year. You can't do Bermuda in the winter time because it's too cold there. If you go in the summer you run the risk of a hurricane. That's why we've never made it there. We had booked it once in Sept., but had to cancel because of a hurricane.

Hawaii is nice all year round, but their rainy season starts Nov.1, and it can be nasty there when it rains hard. We got out in time, before the big rains came, but friends stayed on and they even closed the airport at one point.
In Hawaii, we spent a week each on 4 separate islands. The beaches were nice for the most part. I didn't care for Oahu because of the traffic and congestion, but we loved Kauai and Maui. We spent too long on the Big Island. I think you can see it all and do it all in less than a week. The beaches there weren't as nice as the other islands.
Sep 1st, 1999, 02:08 PM
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Given the choice between Hawaii or Bermuda, I would chose Cozumel.
Sep 1st, 1999, 03:15 PM
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Hi Betsy,
Over the last fifteen years or so I've traveled most of the Caribbean and although Bermuda is not in the Caribbean I've found it toe superior to most of the other islands.I particularly like the friendliness,its neat,clean,orderly,without the aggressive venders and their hard sell.The island still remains quaint with old world charm.As for Hawaii,I leave Monday for two weeks in Maui and will share my thoughts when I return.
Sep 3rd, 1999, 05:46 AM
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Hi Betsy:
I must agree with Charlie, Bermuda is
very clean & quaint - really liked the idea of renting a scooter and touring the island - no vendors bugging you on the beach. Beaches are beautiful, wonderful pink sand. I was in Oahu, and although I really did enjoy it, I felt it was very busy, people bugging you on every corner to buy a condo - lots of traffic. I found both places expensive.
Sep 3rd, 1999, 05:03 PM
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We just returned from Bermuda and have been to Hawaii a number of times. Must say Maui is still my favourite. While Bermuda is very beautiful found Maui so much easier to explore. You can rent a car there and travel and explore the whole island. The beaches are both very beautiful on both islands and the ocean beautiful on both. We stayed at the Southampton Princess which we would highly recommend and in Maui we usually rent a condo privately which is a huge saving than renting through an agent. When we have a condo it has all the ammenities such as d/w, w/d etc. We often cook our breakfasts and pack a picnic cooler and head out for the day to the beach. The condos usually have gas BBQ so some nights when you just don't feel like going out you can cook up a steak. Bermuda has wonderful restaurants and there is no tax but probably eating out would cost you more than Maui. There were no fast food restaurants in Bermuda which was fine with me. I guess it would depend on the time of year you would want to go, Maui definitely for a winter vaction and toss up for a summer vacation. Maui is still #1 in my books.
Oct 1st, 1999, 06:27 PM
Joe Raphael
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Betsy, this is no competition. Although Bermuda is quaint and clean and very British, it can't compare to Hawaii. You name it Hawaii has it. So, you don't like the highrises and traffic in Waikiki and Honolulu, you simply go over the mountain (15 minutes) over the Pali to a polynesian landscape that only the other Hawaiian Islands and Tahiti can match. Want a great beach with not a single tourist? Try Kailua Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hawaii gives you better prices and better choices. You can go around the island in a bus, or better still rent a car. All of the other Hawaiian Islands are fabulously beautiful an you can't loose by choosing one over the other.Hawaii's imposing mountains are not existent in flat Bermuda. Bermuda is nice and so are its people, but get real!..Hawaii is Hawaii.There's no choice here.
Oct 16th, 1999, 08:54 PM
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I agree with Joe Raphael. Bermuda is beautiful and quaint, but Hawaii is bigger and has 5 different islands you can visit, all with unique and equal charm. Also, Hawaii can be as cheap or expensive as you choose. Kauai is my favorite. I don't think I have ever visited a more beautiful beach. The big island of Hawaii is really big and has a variety of terrain. We spent a vacation in a camper just moving from place to place every few days. It was great. There was a hurricane at that time, too. Plus, they have volcanos. Nothing like a little excitementÉ The water in Hawaii is especially warm, salty and buoyant.And Hawaii is waaaaay more laid back (American) than Bermuda (English). It's all in what you like, I guess. But both places are beautifulÉ
Oct 17th, 1999, 02:33 PM
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I had to get in on comments on Bermuda. I love Bermuda, as far as I am concerned I won't ever bother going to Hawaii ever. The people in Bermuda are real people not in it for the buck,not to put on a show or sing and dance for you. We have gone to Bermuda 12 times and hope to never stop. Every summer we check for fares and off we go. Yes the person that wrote and stated that winter is not the time to go is right, summer I would live there if only they would you move over there. The beaches are white and pink, the kind that leaves your feet clean, the water is over eighty and clear as any in the world. The mopeds are fun and if you have ever rode safe, no way else to see the island. It is not a party place but once you meet people their homes are your homes, we cook out at night and deep sea fish without buying a ticket and going with stangers. Sorry I could go on and on I love Bermuda, any questions on Bermuda feel free to e-mail I know or could get any information that anyone could want. As far as resorts sorry we haven't stayed in one since the first year, we house sit for friends and enjoy it more....
Oct 18th, 1999, 11:15 AM
Bruce Klein
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Hawaii-Without a doubt.

I have visited both within the last 13 months, and Hawaii blows away Bermuda.
More to do, more to see, more adventure, better beaches, more beautiful, etc.

I'd go back to Hawaii before Bermuda in a heartbeat, and I live in New York only 20 miles from LGA or JFK.
Nov 9th, 1999, 06:46 AM
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Hawaii gets my vote hands down..Bermuda is lovely and I would probably choose it over all the other caribbean islands, but your question was if travel time and costs were equal. In my mind, the only drawback to Hawaii (being from the east coast) is distance. I've been to Bermuda 3 times and 2 times to Hawaii. Oahu is more commercial than the other islands but I would probably spend a few days there just to see the sights eg. Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head and the Polynesian Village. Then I would spend the remainder of the trip on Maui. Check out the volcano, the falls, Lahaina town, snorkle in one of their many beaches, I like the one near Kapalua Bay and relax and enjoy the beauty of the island and the friendly hospitality of the Hawaiian natives.Even the music is relaxing! Enjoy. Wish I were going again!!
Nov 9th, 1999, 08:00 AM
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I've been to Hawaii twice, and stayed on Oahu both times. Stayed at the Hyatt and at the Sheraton Makaha, which I loved.

If you are looking for beautiful beaches and Pink Sand, wonderful resorts and incredibly nice people, look into two of the out islands in the Bahamas, Eleuthera or Harbour Island. No vendors anywhere, and on Harbour Island you won't need a car, just walk everywhere. Eleuthera has several nice resorts on the island and MILES of deserted beach.

Harbour Island has resorts in all price ranges including Pink Sands which is one of the nicest resorts in the Carribean, small villas overlooking the ocean,

There are several excellent restaurants on the island, good diving and snorkling spots and it is one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world as per Islands Magazine in I think 1996 or 97. Lots of old world charm most of the buildings date back to the late 1700;s and it was the first capital of the Bahamas and the first perminent settlement in the new world, lots of history there.

Well now you are probably even more confused (lol) Have a wonderful trip wherever you decide to go.

Nov 18th, 1999, 12:04 PM
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We just got back from a 10 day Hawaiian vacation for our 25th Anniversary. Because it was our 1st time in Hawaii we did go to Oahu for 5 days (it is a go see do place~no time for relaxing on the beach just drive the Island and take it all in). It is a must see once ( but must add it is very commercial in the Waikki area with a strong Japanese influence). However, Maui is just a unique place. No place can touch the sights (landscape) and you will see there (execpt Kaui). five days were not enough for this paradise.

Bermuda is bottom on my list of places to go...unless we go by cruise because I find it too expensive for what they offer. The Island of Bermuda is beautiful but you can't understand the posts unless you've been somewhere else to compare.

I have a rule never to visit the same place twice until I see all I want to see. I've been please with every vacation as each one offers something different.

Please understand that while Bermuda is beautiful it is not a place I'd pay to to go see again. To stuffy and expensive.

Maui, Hawaii doesn't even compare to stuffy Bermuda. People on the HI are extremely friendly and the cost (food and drink) is just as it would be in any other American big city. You are in America when you are in Hawaii but well taken care of by the Hawaiians.

Once Brenda has to pay for her vacation instead of house sitting for a friend she may feel differenly about about Bermuda not being about bucks...Tell her to get real and price a hotel room there.
Nov 18th, 1999, 12:53 PM
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I have been to both and they are entirely different vacation experiences. Stayed In Kauai in Hawaii at Hyatt and loved it. Great golf, beautiful beaches, great service - pricey. Stayed at Southhampton Princess and was impressed but thought it was a bit stuffy. Island of Bermuda is much prettier than Hawaii and I loved the idea of not having to rent a car. If I returned would stay at Ariel Sands. In Bermuda, we rode a scooter everywhere we went. My big decision factor would be time it takes to get to destination. I live on East Coast so prefer Bermuda. Why waste all that time traveling to Hawaii! I guess I just convinced myself that we will be heading to Bermuda this year!
Nov 18th, 1999, 08:47 PM
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Bermuda prettier than Hawaii?!? You must be B L I N D ! ! !
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