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happymz Jan 7th, 2005 02:51 PM

If St. Kitts...Timothy Bay Resort vs. Frigate Bay Resort vs. ???
Earlier today I posted a similar message on the caribbean/general interest board, but since I'm leaning toward St. Kitts (given the great airfare I just found) I wanted to get advice from the experts here, so here goes...

My BF & I (both around 30) are planning a trip for 1st week of March - he has never been, I have (GC, Bahamas, Jamaica) - and we want to go somewhere neither of us has been. We're looking for...
...budget accodomodation (range of $150-200/nt)
...good proximity to decent beach and a few casual restaurants and bars
...on a more lush island (I know lush doesn't always go hand-in-hand with decent beaches, but where is best combo?)
...that is minimally touristy (don't need shopping)

We're currently considering St. Kitt's (Frigate Bay & Timothy Beach resorts)...and on the other hand, have also considered Belize. Have read many reviews on tripadvisor and this site about both FB & TBR, but still not clear to me given our criteria above which would be best.

Are we on the right track...would St. Kitts, perhaps with a day trip or two to Nevis and/or Anguilla fit our bill? (can you daytrip to Anguilla?) or are there other recommendations? Your help is appreciated!

highflyer Jan 7th, 2005 03:18 PM

Hey happymz
I saw your other post and that is a great price for airfare!

St. Kitts is a good fit for you ... it doesn't have great beaches but Nevis is only a ferry ride away (you could stay overnight there too). Anguilla has terrific beaches but is expensive and a flight away from SKB.

I won't recommend any hotels as I'm not exactly up to date...I used to live on St.Kitts (15years ago) and am looking into going back this year. I have heard that the Marriott is well situated and I liked OTI (Ocean Terrace Inn) but it's not on a beach. Check oout the restaurant at Fishermans wharf great food and casual.

Dblebee Jan 8th, 2005 06:55 AM

Contrary to Highflyer, the Caribbean Beach at Timothy Beach Resort is the best it has been in in years. We were not affected by the hurricanes this year. As a matter of fact, they made TBR and South Frairs Beach better than ever. Timothy Beach Resort is a condo hotel directly on the beach. Frigate Bay in nice but not on the beach. There was a path that you could hike on but construction has hampered it.
Nevis is very small and many, including myself, use the ferry to Nevis for day trips. You would have to fly to Anguilla and stay over to get anything out of it.

semiramis Jan 9th, 2005 11:04 AM

I stayed on Timothy Beach about 3 years ago and personally enjoyed my stay. The hotel is right next to the beach. It is a small, intimate place, very friendly - so whether you like it will depend on personal taste. It is DEFINITLEY not a large chain style resort like the Marriot. The restaurant is good. Management were friendly and helpful. The pool is small but very prettily situated overlooking the beach. You can often see the local troup of monkees when you are relaxing around the pool. The beach is pretty good but when I was there water entry was a little difficult (lots of rocks right at the shoreline - it gets smoother about 10 feet out from the water's edge) - so I recommend water shoes. There was some decent snorkeling just in front of the hotel (I saw an octopus!). We found our stay there very relaxing and pleasant. If you go - do plan some sort of excursion to Nevis - we took the catamaran snorkel and sail to Nevis and loved it. Also it is an absolute MUST to go to Brimstone Hill - beautifully restored with gorgeous views. We arranged at taxi tour that included Brimstone Hill, Caribelle Batik and the Black Rocks - it was a great half day tour - our driver Lionel was super - never rushed us and stopped for ample photo ops.

katethetraveler Jan 10th, 2005 08:22 PM

We are going to St. Kitts in Feb and plan to stay at the Angelus resort(next to the marriott)...It is quite new and seems relatively nice from what I can find out. We got an ocean view efficiency suite with balcony for 139 per night which seems like a fair price. I will be glad to post when I get back, but in the meantime, does anyone have any comments about this resort? I was able to cash in our USAir miles for this trip, and I,too, was looking for a reasonbly priced resort to make this an economical week in the caribbean. Thanks.

happymz Jan 11th, 2005 07:24 AM

Hi all, thanks for your replies.

Well, we booked the airfare before the sale expired yesterday, so we are excited to say we are going to St. Kitts for a whole week! (that is, if US Airways doesn't go under first since it is indeed a US Airways ticket).

We've discussed staying in two different places during our stay...perhaps Nevis for 2-3 nights then St. Kitts for the remainder? We want to be near the few restaurants/nightlife on the island most nights, but were considering staying in a plantation inn at least a couple nights, on either island. Any recommendations that fit our budget (150-200/nt max)?

I will also look at the Angelus... thanks for all of your advice thus far!

katethetraveler Jan 11th, 2005 07:43 PM

update from my previous post--I have had second thoughts about staying at the Angelus.. I found a bed and breakfast called Rock Haven ( that is centrally located to the town and beaches with gourmet breakfasts, homemade icecream and beautiful views. This seems to fit the bill perfectly for us as we were looking for something quite charming without breaking the bank and/or being on the far end of the island. I have come to the conclusion that staying on a nice beach is a lost cause on this island(as there is only one hotel on the caribbean side and even it has mixed reviews), and we absolutely love b and b's--much more memorable/personable than a generic hotel room. Not to mention it was 100 bucks a night including the breakfast! I am very hopeful and will let everyone know the specifics upon my return.

lizpereira Jul 15th, 2005 11:05 AM

I did a hotel inspection of Rock Haven B&B and highly recommend it. The owners (Dr. & Mrs. Blake are lovely people and very hospitable.) Breathtaking views of the Atlantic, gourmet breakfast which includes fresh local fruits, comfortable accommodations. Their web site is

You won't be disappointed.

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