I hesitate to post anymore.

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I hesitate to post anymore.

After just reading responses to a trip report, I again have to shake my head at some of the replies.

I have received so much help from this board, and have said before at how amazed I am at the time, effort and advice given.

I have given my advice, experience, and suggestions from my perspective with hopes of helping. I don't expect or want everyone to agree with me. When someone does a trip report, I want their report to be honest with the good and the bad included. The factors that affect the success of a vacation are many. The weather is a huge factor when on a island, although it doesn't necessarily mean one's vacation is spoiled.

We have our favorite islands. We also have islands that our crossed off our list as a "no return". That doesn't mean I would "slam" someone else that posts how much they loved an island that didn't thrill us. My mind and opinion might be changed.

Where is tolerance with each other? It just seems that some posters can't tolerate a different view on their favorite islands.

I have not posted trip reports on two of our recent trips because to be honest I would have had to give what some would view a negative post.

Am I the only one that would like to see more respect for everyone that frequents this board?

Thanks for listening and thanks to anyone that might help me sort through these concerns.

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I hear you loud and clear- I second that! I am always afraid to say anything or someone might get nasty. We all just need to respect different views, that's what makes us unique. I love to hear how 2 people can see the same thing completely different. If we all thought the same things, this world would be a really boring place
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I agree with you Owa that a negative poster will get slammed for it.

I also agree that if a poster gives a trip report reflecting their vacation as a negative experience, we should all respect the fact that they did not have a good time. I have read some negative responses on some islands that I enjoyed and I usually chime in and say that I did enjoy that particular place and it was too bad they didn't.
Owa post away!! A variety of opinions help this forum exist!!
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Owa, I understand your feelings. I always hope that people think about what they are contributing before they hit the "post" button. Unfortunately not everybody does.

Other boards on this site are far less "kind and gentle" on a regular basis, so a certain amount of short sighted negativity popping up from time to time here is not surprising, just a disappointing reality.

Please don't let it stop you from participating. Your opinions and information is valuable to us all as we plan our trips or consider new destinations.
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There is no excuse for namecalling or getting personal, but people will have differing opinions, I wouldn't let that keep me from posting.
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personally, I like negative posts.
The positive post rienforce the places I love, sometimes the negative ones make me feel like I'm not alone in an opinion. When you get the truth, no matter good or bad, expectations can be more realist.
The posts that bother me the most, are the ones that cut down a post because they were honest enough to say what they want out of a vacation, and they get a lecture instead. (ex, have to have TV, don't want vendors on the beach, etc)
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Owa, keep those posts and trip reports coming, positive or negative. It's helps us all make educated decisions regarding our travels.

Besides, is ANYTHING in this world 100% ALL THE TIME, including hotels, restaurants, etc.??!!
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Owa: don't let the b--t---s get you down. Aside and besides all of the flaws and faults of this forum, I think the "true hearts" shine through and you are one of them, so don't worry about the occasional negativity... that is the risk of freedom of information and the exchange of ideas.
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OWA - I always have enjoyed your posts. I have a hard time too with the negative posts from others whenever someone posts something "negative" I have been attacked by a couple of posters because they did not agree with me, fine don't agree, but don't attack. It is not necessary.

I hope you continue to post and maybe just ignore some of the things others say.

Some other boards on this site are really harsh and I try to stay away just for that reason, unless I feel like an argument, lol

Take care, and don't worry about some of the others!
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Owa: If you need to take a break, do so. I did for awhile when infighting picked up on this board. I actually got involved in one of them and it's really not me. I didn't like how a couple of people made me angry so I went away for awhile. I missed the board and the people who give truly great/valuable advice (positive AND negative). I love to travel, share my experience and read about others' travels too much. I think one can give negative opinions of places they've been to in a fair manner, without being rude about it. Unfortunately, some don't know how to do that. I've decided to just ignore those posts. Some just can't ignore them. I can totally get that, although I think "what's the point?". We're all adults now so we're already set in our polite or rude ways. There are too many important things in life to get mad at some stranger on a travel board.
Hope you don't go away. But if you do, maybe for a just a little while.
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Uh oh, I think I may be one of the guilty ones Owa was referring to. Owa, I really do hope that you will post your latest two trip reports as I value your advice and experience along with the other folks here. And I will definitely try to keep my quasi-soap box posts to a bare minimum.

So let's hear about your travels--let's see, you did Negril with your extended family, right? Can't remember where else you went...but I'd love to read all about it.
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Posting here is like talking to your friends at lunch. There will always be someone who disagrees with you in a derogatory manner. That's the way it is.

Unfortunately, here the comments stay forever. I hope that does not discourage you.
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owa, I fully understand and respect that someone may not enjoy a place I loved visiting, and I don't doubt for a moment that they did not enjoy their experience - perhaps for very valid reasons.

I've been posting for at least 5 years, with literally 1,000's of posts.

I try to give credible information, be helpful, and to be respectful of other's opinions and impressions - UNLESS they fall into one of two categories.

1.) People who are racists.

The vast majority of people who live in the Caribbean are of African descent and are black.

If one is white and doesn't want to be around someone not of one's own race, don't travel to the Caribbean and then come back and kvetch about "natives."

2.) People who dispense mis-information.

There are a LOT of people who have never been to a location, but are experts on it.

This is frustrating to me.

owa, I know that many of the posters on here come on once and get information for their trip and leave. Sometimes they thank us, sometimes they don't.

Some people may also come on here and get info and never post. Maybe they are intimidated, maybe they just are gathering info.

There are also regulars - and all of those people will have varying communications skills and temperaments.

You are most likely referring to the post I made on the Aruba trip that beanie made.

I probably need to get a life because I am waaay too familiar with some of the previous posts people make, but sometime, when you get a moment, click on beanie's name and check out some of her other "impressions" of the Caribbean - especially Jamaican people.

Once someone falls into my "number one" category, I don't give their opinions much credence, and I don't have much patience with them.

That having been said, I think your opinions and trip reports are valuable - negative or positive - to anyone considering going to the locations where you've traveled.

Don't worry about what anyone thinks of your impressions. It's your opinion.

Plus, I promise to behave.
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I thought of the same posts Diana . I was heavily involved in The Infamous Beanie Barbados Post !!! You , myself , and numerous others CLEARLY stated that there was absolutely NO ISSUE taken with the fact that she did not like Barbados for whatever reason ...... It was stated many times and seemed to fall on deaf ears . Our issue was with the " way " these dislikes were being stated , tact is a big thing folks . There is a way to say things to be credible , and a way not to say things ..... The Barbados post and the newest Aruba post are clearly an example of how NOT to say something . Respect , politeness , tactfullness ...... Things we should always keep close at hand . Certainly keep posting Owa , I do not believe negative postings from you would in the "how not to say " category ..... ( I am not even certain it was these you were referring to , so forgive the assumption ) Faith .
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I have no objection to the negative posts after all if we all liked the same things in a vacation we would all be heading to the same island at the same time of the year, sitting on the same beach , eating at the same restaurants etc.. etc.. etc

What I do dislike is once someone has posted a negative post disagreeing with the OP's point of view, that negative post seems to encourage all of the bashers come out of the woodwork. All the OP really needs is a 'thank you' for your post - after all they are just letting us know what happened, and what they did and didn't enjoy on THEIR vacation.

Also why do some posters only post negative information about an island? So? You hated something about the island?

Do we need to hear this everytime?

I swear that a few posters have a Word Doc. with a saved paragraph that they copy and paste without reading the rest of the post and seeing if their information is relevant.

I agree with Diana - there are people here who I would take advice from but it has taken time to figure out who they are and there are also some who are just so negative that any positive post from them makes me determined to avoid the places they recommend since we obviously don't enjoy the same things.

Diana, I'm laughing because someone over the weekend did post telling you 'to get a life' - The post was only around for a couple of hours

I'm glad that the Editors do keep an eye on us. I would hate this forum to degenerate into the 'food fights' that sometimes occur on the Europe or US forums.

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Good post alya. I don't envy the editors. They do a good job. Danny used to e-mail me privately, and we'd hee haw over some of the things that were posted. Harrald was a problem for him.

I'm sorry I missed out on that post you mentioned.

I must have been on another forum. quot;>
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I, too, have always enjoyed your posts, and appreciate the time and effort that you and many otheres put into them.
I also agree with your question, "where is the tolerance with each other." Some people appear not to have learned the art of disagreeing withou being disagreeable. It is also my opinion that much of this lack of politeness comes from conversants on talk radio, and tv's spill your guts out/audience yelling commentary, shows.
My other pet peeve is from those who request info and upon receiving such, fail to acknoledge the help with a simple, "Thanks". As a result, I , also, have made very few responses. I am glad that you are receiving so much positive feed back to this post.
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I fully agree with you owa. If someone visits an island and does not like the island then so be it. They should be able to say so in their trip report without being bashed. Similarly if someone is not thrilled with Caneel then they should be able to say so w/o being bashed (an older post), even though Caneel or the island in question may be a favorably looked upon by others on this board. I agree that many posters (and their friends...?) are overly aggressive and need to give everyone a chance to be heard/respected.
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Don't hesitate in posting. Not all islands are created equal in everyone's eyes. We are here to help each other and we all need to appreciate the effort and the time that the other posters have put into their replies. I liked Jed's outlook on being at lunch with your friends. Don't let it stop you!
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Owa - I thought it was just me. Thanks for posting.
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