I am worried


Dec 2nd, 2003, 07:27 PM
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I am worried

After reading many posts I am worried that it will be cold and miserable in Cuba in Jan. We will be in Varadaro for 2 weeks for the first 2 weeks. We plan on many more things to do other than the beach but am I wrong to be worried. Wendy
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Dec 2nd, 2003, 08:06 PM
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Hola Wengod:

Well early January is the coolest time of the year in Cuba, but it's not Cold in that sense.

Go to this website.

Type in Varadero, Cuba in the search field.
Now go about halfway down the center column and you will find a History and Almanac section.
Enter a date from prior years and you will then get a chart showing what the temperature was on that date for that year.
I did a few quick ones and found daytime highs during the first two weeks of January anywhere from 70F to 82F during the day, with lows at night being between 55F and 70F.

You can check out as many past dates as you wish. Just remember that past weather is no guarantee of what this season's weather will be. I could be cool, but it could also be damn hot or anywhere in between. Not much help to you I guess.

Another website gives the water temperature for Havana and Nassau Bahamas (the closest two reporting stations) as being 26C today. So it will cool off a bit in the next month, but it will still be swimmable.
You can monitor and watch the water temps yourself at....

As they say, don't worry, be happy. At least your getting away from the snow. In a two week period, you will probably assure yourself of a mix of weather but for sure you will get a tan.

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Dec 4th, 2003, 08:04 AM
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Thanks alot Steve. I do feel better about the weather now. Yes you are right. It is -15 and we had a freezeing rain on the top of the snow so it is a mess. Any thing will be better. Wendy
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