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didi Jun 21st, 1999 10:50 AM

How does Antigua compare?
I have traveled to quite a number of the islands in the Caribbean and am wondering what my expectations should be for Antigua? Can anyone compare it to St. Lucia or how about Aruba? I would guess it is not nearly as Americanized as Bahamas or Caymans. Thanks.

Christie Jun 22nd, 1999 12:29 PM

We loved Antigua! I had been to the Bahamas with family before, and this was much more fun. No, it is not Americanized- the islanders are very proud to keep their country their way. They like to keep things small and friendly, not slick and commerical. Climate-wise, it is a more desert island, like Aruba. Enjoy!!

Mary Jul 12th, 1999 04:22 PM

Didi, <BR> <BR>We've been going to Aruba for the past 7 winters have tried the Bahamas and St Maarten amongst other islands we've visited or been to on cruises but we're ready to go back to Antigua, which we tried last November for the first time. It's very British, your treated with more class than any of the islands we've stayed at. Dinner is a little more formal than the other islands, not necessarily the dress code, but its served with a more formal flare. Many more Europeans stay there than Americans and they were the most wonderful people. Quite frankly we tended to enjoy the company of the Europeans much more than the Americans we met. We stayed at the St James Club and were quite pleased with our stay. The hotels are not near each other like in Aruba, so your limited on visiting other places or town unless you take a taxi, which was not to expensive considering the distance from town, the hotel was about 1/2 hr ride from town (about 12.00 round trip per person). It's not a flat island like Aruba and they drive on the opposite side of narrow streets, so we did not rent a car. I'd suggest any men traveling-bring a jacket, many places require a jacket, the St James asked you to wear a jacket for the Managers cocktal party. The St James Clubis all inclusive and well worth it.

Lill Jul 15th, 1999 10:50 AM

Hi: I've been to Antigua twice and loved it immensely. It is one of the more conservative islands, with quite a bit of British influence. It's quite safe and the beaches are gorgeous. Go, you'll love it.

Debbie Jul 17th, 1999 02:15 AM

<BR>I have stayed at the Club antigua and made the best out of a bad trip. I did not care for the island or the resort. We have been to Aruba 3 times, Cancun, Punta Cana, and Freeport and would go anywhere but Antigua. The Island was dirty and not very nice people. <BR>Sorry <BR>Deb <BR> <BR>

dustin Dec 21st, 1999 05:23 PM

I've been to Antigua and St. Lucia in the past 2 years. Both are beautiful islands, but Antigua is better because it has more hotels, resturants and things to do.

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