How are the beaches in Puerto Rico?

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How are the beaches in Puerto Rico?

I am trying to plan a vacation to the Caribbean April 2002, and my travel agent suggested PR. I read a review online that said the beaches are just okay. I have been to Antigua, Bahamas, Aruba, Cancun, Bermuda, and the Dominican Republic. How does PR compare?
Oh, and I am for the first time, traveling with my 10 month old son.
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Aghhhhh! What part of PR? There are wonderful beaches and there are some that are not so wonderful.
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Isla Verde, Dorado Beach, Condado Beach & Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico were beautiful and clean. Also, San Juan has great museums, art galleries, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. We go to Puerto Rico every year. Enjoy!
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Isla Verde in San Juan reminded me of Miami Beach. Built up with high-rises, and crowded. Sand is browner and rougher than most of the islands you list, but the surf is fun.

Remember that the SJ side of PR is on the Atlantic, the other side of the island is Caribbean, thus the differences mentioned in the post above. Haven't been to Luquillo, but it is said to be lovely.

Overall, I wouldn't compare the quality of beaches on PR to the others you mention--they're different.
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Loquillo beach is beautiful. Calm and clear.
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Luquillo is very nice with views of the mountains from nearby tropical rain forest. Good shade due to palm trees. Do not go here on weekend! Much too crowded. Ocean Park is beautiful, try Pinones also. If you have the opportunity make your way to Playa Flamenco, Culebra, rated in top ten worldwide. Gorgeous, but be sure to bring everything you need esp. umbrella, water, gets quite hot and no trees.
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The beach at Palmas del Mar is also a very nice one. Candalero Hotel has good deals, and you might think about renting a condo/villa to keep some expenses under control (breakfast and lunch -- go out for dinner).
Also, believe there are some nice beaches on the southwest coast -- plus you get to see Ponce, just a beautiful city that most tourists never see.
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How long are these beaches in PR? We are looking for our August trip and like long beaches to walk and snorkel. Nightlife if we want and not too expensive island for drinks and food. Any recommendations would be appreciated. We have been to many island in the Caribbean and want to visit them all at some point in time.
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Isla Verde has the best beach in the San Juan area. It is a good walking and people watching beach but not good for snorkeling. Also, the Isla Verde area should satisfy your nightlife and dining preferences.

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The two longest developed beaches are in Isla Verde - both are at least one mile long. A rocky point that houses a hotel and restaurant separates the beaches and it is not possible to walk from one beach to the other without walking quite a distance on city streets. The Intercontinental and Wyndham El SAn Juan are on one of the beaches; the Ritz Carlton is on the other.
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Hi,we are trying to plan a trip to PR
soon. I would prefer to stay on the Caribbean side so can anyone recommednd good hotels,beaches,restauarants etc.
Is Luquillo on the caribbean side? Is Culebra easily accessible from Caribbean side?
If my husband and I were to stay on
the Atlantic side(San Juan I guess) for the golf and nightlife etc,how difficult is it to get to say,Ponce or some of the good beaches on the Caribbean side? Is driving advisable? What are the hotels like on the Caribbean side-any great resorts or are they mostly on the Atlantic?Any insight will be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

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