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Lee Apr 21st, 1997 06:14 AM

How about bermuda?
With our wedding coming up in July, we're trying to work out an ideal honeymoon. We have one week and originally considered Germany, but it appears that may be too fast-paced and not relaxing. We are wondering about Bermuda and have heard it's a great honeymoon spot. We'd be looking for a nice hotel on the beach that's not too big, but has good facilities. Also, what are the temps like in July, is it too hot? We are in our 40's, young at heart, but would like a peaceful getaway. Are we on the right course with this idea? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Pam Apr 21st, 1997 08:52 AM

Congrats on your upcoming wedding and I'd say you're right to consider Bermuda. I've been to Bermuda numerous times and the weather in July will be on the warm side, but that's great beach weather, right? There are all kinds of places to stay that will fit your requirements. I'd suggest checking out a couple of sites -
and There is all kinds of accomodation information available at these sites and hopefully you'll find the perfect place. If you go, be sure to visit Horseshoe Beach, its one of the prettiest in the world!

Laura Apr 22nd, 1997 04:22 AM

You will love Bermuda. Check out the previously mentioned websites and check this one also: - the Reefs would be perfect for you if it is not booked up already. Feel free to e-mail any questions. Good luck.

Laura Apr 28th, 1997 03:45 AM

I lived in Bermuda for two years, and there is no place on earth I would rather recommend than Bermuda. If you are looking for nightlife to stay in the town of Hamilton is the best choice. You may spend a little more but getting to anywhere on the island is very easy from Hamilton; the main bus station is right in town. For quiet and solitude the West End is best. For charm you can't beat St. George's. If you talk to a travel agent who has been there, I'm sure anyplace they recommend will be fine. Possibly a cruise to Bermuda? Best of luck and congratulations! I wish I were going again.

Tad May 20th, 1997 02:44 PM

Bermuda is a wonderful choice for a honeymoon. (That's where my wife and I went!). We went in September, however. It is a very romantic spot. The people are classy and friendly. The place is clean and fun. Enjoy!

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