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Kristin Nov 23rd, 2000 07:39 AM

Hotel in Bermuda on South Shore Road??
I am searching for a hotel near the Southampton Princess but a little more affordable. I want to be in the south shore area. Does anyone know of any hotels that are decent, modern and clean?

Penny Nov 24th, 2000 04:22 AM

We have stayed at The Surfside Beach Club. It is very nice, great view, beach, lovely rooms and on South Road. We always stay at this hotel and have done so about 15 times. It is a short distance from the Southampton Princess, by bus or moped, or taxi.

Kristin Nov 24th, 2000 04:02 PM

Is Surfside BC affordable and right on the beach? Thanks for your response. What did you do for meals? I heard it can get very expensive.

Penny Nov 25th, 2000 05:03 AM

I believe the Surfside is a lot less than the Princess. The Princess is a lovely hotel but it is too corporate for me. All the rooms at the Surfside have full kitchen facilities. In the morning I usually make coffee etc. but you can cook,or barbeque etc. We do go out to eat every night. We stay at this hotel because we enjoy it.The hotel now has a small restaurant. All islands can be expensive. Years ago when friends discovered this place,they would bring frozen meat with them to save money. It is on a cliff, with a fantastic view from every room. It has its own beach,that sometimes looses beach due to the winds,it also has a pool. It is a very nice initimate hotel. Another very small hotel on South Road, more of a lovely home not directly on the beach is Loughlands. We met a couple on the plane that really enjoyed staying there and said it was very resonable.

Penny Nov 25th, 2000 05:13 AM

Kristen I got this site from Parrot Mom go to These people love Bermuda and they might have some other answers for you. Also the Bermuda Department of Tourism has an excelllent package about all places to stay. I hope this has helped.

Kristin Nov 25th, 2000 05:43 AM

Thanks, this really helps. I will keep searching. I hope Bermuda is worth all this research.

Parrot Mom Nov 25th, 2000 05:51 AM

For the most definitive info on Bermuda go to.. <BR> ths is the site of the BOP's.. Bermuda Obsessed People...there isn't anything they don't know about Bermuda..

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