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cheryl Apr 27th, 2000 01:26 PM

Honeymoon Vacation Help!!
I have no idea where to start. I want to go to the Caribbean for my honeymoon in July of 2001. I want to hear the water crashing and feel the ocean breeze from my balcony, preferably a terrace on the beach. Nice beaches and hotel room a must. Someone please help!

John Apr 27th, 2000 02:01 PM

For pure romance try Ladera on St Lucia. <BR>For romance and solitude and privacy try Petit St Vincent. For romance, restaurants, beaches and posh try St Barts.

Alex Apr 27th, 2000 02:26 PM

Cheryl, <BR> <BR>Please relax, you're a long way off. You're at the right Web site for information for starters. I am planning, trying to plan I should say, our honeymoon for this November. I agree that Ladera, St. Lucia looks nice, but you may want to split your trip up a bit by staying a few days in two places on one island, N/South or something. Sandals/Ladera or Anse Chastanet, Jalouise Hilton, whichever. Look into them. I have never been, but I have put in over 20 hours of research so far on places in the Carib. Try not to sweat it too much, that's your fiance's job, right? No matter where you go, you'll be together, and after it's over, you have to come back to reality anyway, but then again, at least you'll be together. ;-) Good luck.

Lara Apr 28th, 2000 05:43 AM

Ladera not on the beach, and St. Lucia beaches in general are not that great--you said a nice beach is very important to you. <BR> <BR>If beach is important, might want to try Turks and Caicos or out islands of the Bahamas.

Nicole Apr 28th, 2000 01:42 PM

Cheryl- <BR>I'm honeymooning in July in Barbados in a mere 9 weeks, drop me a note in late July/August and I can give you a wrap up.. I've been to Turks & Caicos, St. Martin/Maarten, Angilla, and St. Lucia, so I can give you a decent background as to different areas of the Caribbean.. Do you have any thoughts on any islands to start?? Any one in particular interest you? <BR>

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