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lareve04 Mar 19th, 2003 10:25 AM

Honeymoon in AUG 03: Le Sport or Windjammer?!
Hello-<BR>My fiance' and I have narrowed it down to the above places. I've researched both and I'm torn. Going with the All Inclusive at either resort. Need to know from anyone that can help: Best 3 things and worst 3 things about each place. Addl qs:<BR>*HONESTLY, how are both the staff and other guests on the property?<BR>*How are the rooms - Any recs or must haves?<BR>*HONESTLY, how is the food?<BR>*Any must sees or must dos in St. Lucia?<BR>*Any info on average pricing for Le Sport?<BR>Also interested in viewing anyone pics online from either place to get a real view. THANK U, THANK U. Anxiously await your response before booking!

sailor Mar 19th, 2003 04:11 PM

Hi! If you want to e-mail me. I can hook you up with some pictures of Le Sport.<BR><BR>[email protected]

I_am_anonymous Apr 1st, 2003 05:03 AM

hampton3: You say &quot;Ask for Andrew and please tell him Leslie J. refered you to the resort.&quot; Are you getting kick-backs?<BR><BR>Read the rules - Advertising is not allowed.

I_am_anonymous Apr 3rd, 2003 07:49 AM

Good job Fodors! They deleted hampton3's advertisement.

caribdreamn Apr 5th, 2003 02:48 PM

I hear Rave reviews about Windjammer my Mum and her husband went there and had nothing but great stuff to say and it is in Rodney Bay which is a very lovely little town on the best beach in St. Lucia (not the Caribbean - in St. Lucia) there are lots of things to do on Reduit beach and lots of great little spots to visit in Rodney bay and you wont have to go far to get anywhere... DONT go to Castries.<BR><BR>Le Sport was around the corner from where we stayed and it was in a lovely affluent area of the island so that is nice as you look up the mountain and see all the beautiful estate homes above!! In that sense I gather it would be quite intimate and I hear the spa services are great. However, I have heard that Le Sport is not as good as La Source in Grenada (its sister hotel) and it was not pointed out as being the best resort on the island. <BR><BR>But yo u have have have to do an island tour. Holy breathtaking island and totally romantic!! We were on our honeymoon and our day trip around the island - which we chose to do alone and bartered the price down to be competitve with the group tours -but without the group (yehaa!). Make sure you get all the way to Jalousie - and go onto the resort property they are in between the Pitons and that is fantastic and they have beautiful classic Caribbean water... you can swim for a small fee - WORTH IT!! Mostly end your day at Marigot Bay and there is a little restaurant and drinking spot - the food was very good but the bar on the bay was excellent and happy hour seemed to be at all hours... and it is so quiet and laid back with reggae and calypso playing and watching the boats come in for happy hour... go go go !!<BR><BR>Have a great time!

brooke Apr 6th, 2003 12:24 PM

Posted this to another message currently on the board? I have to tell you that I am not the biggest fan of LeSport for what you spend. Went for our honeymoon, half the time at the south end at Anse Chastnet -definitely would recommend it for a quiet, secluded honeymoon getaway. And then, the second half at LeSport to enjoy the spa. The rooms were not very nice, the buffets were not the best and the beach was not very good, couldn't get a chair to sit in. And the spa appointments, not that great either. I guess for that kind of money, I was expecting real luxury. And it wasn't. We went to Anse Chastnet knowing it wasn't total luxury and it was wonderful. But when you go somewhere and think that it will be, that's disappointing. We went in Dec 2000, so many they've renovated since then. Do just want to say though that you will love St. Lucia. It was everything I dreamed...can't wait to go back.<BR><BR>

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