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newtraveller522 Jan 2nd, 2010 02:11 PM

Honeymoon- Cayman Islands vs Barbados vs St. Lucia???
Help! My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon. We think we have narrowed it down to the Cayman Islands or Barbados. I read some poor hotel reports on another site and ruled out St. Lucia (staff stealing from rooms, safety, etc). My fiance is leaning toward the Caymans for safety, people not bothering us on the beach and chain hotels. I am leaning toward Barbados because I think I lean toward the boutique type hotels. Realizing that we need to come together on type of hotel, otherwise activities sound the same. Neither of us have really travelled, so any input would be welcome. Thanks!

beachdreams3 Jan 2nd, 2010 05:02 PM

Assuming you live in the US and have not traveled to the Caribbean at all, I would say that Grand Cayman probably will feel the most familiar to you, which may make it easier for you acclimate and enjoy your trip. I agree with your fiance that Grand Cayman feels extremely safe (people there were extremely polite too IMO), but I have travelled to all three islands you are considering by myself (I am woman from the US), and I did not feel that safety was a major issue anywhere. Having said that, I think Grand Cayman has a very low level of poverty (and Barbados has less poverty than St. Lucia).

You also should think about which area you would stay (it seems like you have looked at some hotels already) on each island and consider the ease of getting around. If you are staying on Grand Cayman, I would recommend the Seven Mile Beach area (and not too far north) if you want to have the option to walk to restaurants (driving is on the left on all three islands, BTW). Barbados has several different areas with different characteristics: 1) the West Coast generally is quieter with calmer beaches, 2) the South Coast is easier to get around without a car and has more nightlife (especially the St. Lawrence Gap area), and 3) the East Coast is much rougher water, rocky areas, and more isolated. There are taxis or local buses (some look like minivans) on both islands too. Taxis on GC are very expensive, and the bus service is limited in terms of routes and operating hours. The public transportation on Barbados is more extensive (or at least it was 6 years ago when I was there).

Hope this helps.

virginia Jan 2nd, 2010 07:02 PM

a regular poster Lois has been to barbados almost 30 times. she has a website with an enormous amount of information
barbados has more to do & is much larger than grand cayman. lots of beaches but none as long or white as seven mile on grand cayman. barbados is more lush. grand cayman has excellent diving & snorkeling. both have good food.

Knowing Jan 3rd, 2010 11:34 AM

I have been to all three of these islands. Close your eyes and think of beautiful sunsets and beautiful beaches. That is Barbados.
We have been to Barbados a couple of times and I would love to be there during the coldest part of all our MN winters. It really is a piece of heaven. So much to see and do. Whether you are walking the beaches with bare feet or checking out the island, the place is a dream come true.

wilmitch Jan 5th, 2010 03:13 PM

Barbados is a great Carribean island for the first timer. Much more Carribean culture than any other island we have been to, including Caymans. English speaking. Safe. In-expensive public bus service. Friendly people. Alot to see. It can be very expensive so would recommend something with a small kitchen/refrig. We have stayed at west and south coasts and liked them both for different reasons.

bellaboo Jan 5th, 2010 04:01 PM

I've been to Barbados & liked it...been to St Lucia and loved it! And no-one stole from our rooms or bothered us....

krissykris Jan 31st, 2010 04:36 PM

I went to Barbados and didn't care for St Lawrence Gap the Caymans! 13th visit coming up!

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