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Mrs. M Jan 12th, 2000 10:55 AM

Help!paying $465 for it a ripoff?
We're booked for a very special once in a lifetime trip to Elbow Beach at $465 for 5 nights in an Ocean view room in Northeast and don't want to spend much time in flight in June ...will we be disappointed with Elbow Beach?? Beach is very important too and luxury accommodations/service. please help with any first hand experiences. thanks!

Mrs.M Jan 12th, 2000 10:59 AM

That is $465 PER NIGHT for 5 nights!

Michelle Jan 12th, 2000 03:14 PM

YES, YES, YES - it is a ripoff! Beach is great but accomodations suck. I would never recommend this hotel until some MAJOR refurbishing is done to the rooms and I don't mean the $40 million renovation they recently completed. We were so disappointed with the rooms after the renovations (May of 1999), I can't even imagine what they were like before. Bermuda is beautiful but I think you will be very disappointed if you are expecting luxury at Elbow Beach.

Wondering Feb 12th, 2000 04:11 PM

Where would you suggest I stay? Like luxury and great service.

Melanie Feb 12th, 2000 09:31 PM

There are so many place I don't know where to start!! <BR> <BR>Bermuda is INCREDIBLE!! It is mine and my husband's favorite island since we went there last year, and we have been all over - almost every island in the Caribbean. <BR> <BR>So safe, the friendliest people, no crime, amazing food, scenery that you probably have never seen before and never will again! There is not one crumb on the streets. Immaculate!! I have never seen so many beautiful flowers, and well kept properties. The cliffs and beaches will take your breath away. <BR> <BR>If you are planning to go to Bermuda, you MUST call Victoria at Vacations By Victoria - her phone number is (212) 740-4601 or e-mail her at [email protected]. She is a travelers dream come true! First of all, she got us an incredible package to Bernmuda, but most importantly, she knew EVERYTHING about Bermuda, and all of her recommendations and tips were right on point. We would have never had such a great trip if it weren't for her. The nicest person I think I have ever dealt with. <BR> <BR>We stayed at Pink Sands - it was expensive, but SOOOO worth it. I wish I could show you our pictures. <BR> <BR>If you want honest, knowledgeable advice about where to stay in Bermuda, you must call Victoria - you will get the most perfectly planned trip. I have never met such a wonderful, helpful person, and have never been to such a beautiful enchanting island. <BR> <BR>You will LOVE Bermuda!!!!! It is paradise. <BR> <BR>

Melanie Feb 12th, 2000 09:33 PM

P.S. - Pink Sands is super-luxury - if you want impeccable service and lush surrounding, I can definitely say you will love Pink Sands.

Melanie Mar 7th, 2000 07:24 PM

Oh my gosh - I just was looking over this site again and realized that I wrote Pink Sands - the hotel we stayed at was Ariel Sands!!! So sorry! <BR> <BR>Ariel Sands is amazing!!

Mike Mar 7th, 2000 09:28 PM

Dear "Mrs. M": For those prices you may as well fly all the way to beautiful Hawaii -- which is far more beautiful than Bermuda -- and stay at either the Manele Bay Resort on Lanai or the Four Seasons, Grand Wailea or Ritz-Carlton on Maui! (However, the Elbow Beach DOES have a great location and the beach of gorgeous! But super luxurious? NEVER!!)

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