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akay26 Feb 9th, 2007 08:42 AM

Help me find the perfect Island
My husband and I are planning on going away soon. We want an island that is lush, beautiful beach, a great resort, a town with good/fun restaurants, and some nature things to do (a hike, some snorkling, etc.) We don't need night life or casinos. We are thinking of Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Antigua, and Curacao right now, btu we're open to anything really. Please help me by recommending the best island you can think of to serve these needs.
Thanks a lot!!!

rex Feb 9th, 2007 04:53 PM

Grand Cayman? (more snorkel-y than hike-y?)

Negril (Jamaica)?

Best wishes,


beachdreams3 Feb 9th, 2007 05:53 PM

St. Lucia has a lot of what you are seeking - lush (rainforest), wide vaiety of nice resorts, town with restaurants (Rodney Bay area), snokeling, hiking, and other outdoor activities (botanical gardens, volcano, Piton mountains). The only area where St. Lucia might fall a little short is with beaches, since most of the island's beaches are not white sand beaches (because St. Lucia is a volcanic island). I visited St. Lucia in December, and despite my personal preference for long, white sand beaches, I thought St. Lucia was incredibly beautiful and enjoyed the beaches I visited (Reduit Beach, a beach near Castries, and a beach further north near Cap Estate).

Another islad that I think shares a lot of geographic similarities with St. Lucia is Grenada. I don't know much about this island but believe it is less developed than St. Lucia.

If you are planning to go during April (not sure of exact dates), you may want to avoid the islands (like St. Lucia, Barbados, and I think Grenada) that are hosting the world cup of cricket.

St. John also may be worth considering. It is supposed to have great snorkeling, some good beaches, and the island offers outdoor (nature) activities.

The only other island on your list that I know much about is T&C. I am planning a trip there, but I don't think it is what you are looking for because it is not lush (except for the landscaping at the resorts) and does not offer much of the "nature" things you are seeking. T&C is all about gorgeous beaches and turquoise water. There is snorkeling and other water-based activities (sailing, diving, boat excursions) but little in terms of land-based activities.

blamona Feb 10th, 2007 04:43 AM

For what you're looking for, meets all of your criteria, I recommend St. John.

virginia Feb 10th, 2007 05:04 AM

hi akay, i was thinking st. john even before i read down to blamona's reply. it's just what you are describing. caneel bay is excellent. the westin a close 2nd. if it's something you would consider there are tons of villas. caneel is right on the beach, actually 7 of them. great hiking, outstanding snorkeling from beach or boat. no casinos. low key nightlife. st. thomas for shopping if you wish. you would fly into st. thomas and ferry over to st. john.
t&c has none of what you want except the stunning beach. st. lucia not so good for beaches but plenty lush. very hilly making hiking quite a challenge. caymans are flat and scrubby like provo - has good snorkel. or there is puerto rico with el yunque rain forest to hike....

xkenx Feb 10th, 2007 06:12 AM

Of the islands you mentioned, only St.Lucia is lush, but the beaches are only so-so. Take a look at Grenada, Barbados, Martinique, St.John, all with the kind of tropical ambiance you are looking for. Of those, the beaches/snorkeling are incomparable on St.John.

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