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Diane Oct 15th, 2002 07:28 AM

Help flying to PR but want to fly somewhere closeby
Me and my husband are going to PR for a wedding but dont think we would like to stay in PR for more then 3 days, we would like to catch a flight either to STThomas or something closeby thats lovley and offers a lot of relaxation. Weve been to StT and STjohn before and loved it, but were open for seeing a new place as well. So far weve priced out 2 roudtrip tickets from PR to STT for 300 (for both of us)...looking for similiar prices fot nearby islands, any suggestions would be helpful, we plan on having another 4 days to stay at the other island.

Lissette Oct 15th, 2002 07:40 AM

I'm not sure why you want to leave Puerto Rico if you want "something closeby and lovely and offers a lot of relaxation."<BR>Puerto Rico is a gorgeous island. If you want complete quiet, how about Culebra? Sometimes known as the "Spanish Virgin,it's simply beautiful.

xyz Oct 15th, 2002 08:37 AM

It's "My husband and I." Personally, I prefer PR to St. Thomas anyday. The key is - here's the kicker - there's more to the island than San Juan.

Diane Oct 15th, 2002 08:47 AM be honest I havent really been giving PR a chance...can someone sell me on the good points, I heard that the beaches werent that great, and that there is not much to do, please help me thing otherwise...Also I was more considering ST John then STT&gt;

xx Oct 15th, 2002 09:13 AM

What about Anguilla? It is a short flight from PR & has beautiful beaches and excellent restaurants, if that is what you are looking for.

Diane Oct 15th, 2002 09:25 AM

hey XXX (hee hee)<BR>Its funny i was just doing research on anguilla and got to a posters post saying that its not really nice, and the beaches arent good, and that there is crime. But I also rerad right after that post that that poster seems to always talk bad about anguilla, why would that be, can you share with me your experiences, and YES relaxing and beautiful beaches are what were looking for :)

Nancy Oct 15th, 2002 11:19 AM

I was in Puerto Rico a few months ago. I had a nice time - but am not eager to go back. I stayed in San Juan & did not like the beaches at all. (The Restaurants were fabulous, though)If you do want to go someplace beaufiful & close by - I highly recommend looking into Vieques - there are several beautiful places to stay there. Also the west side of Puerto Rico (The Caribbean side) is supposed to be very nice and have much nicer beaches.

fyi Oct 15th, 2002 11:30 AM

PR can be a nice destination just to explore, relax and enjoy especially away from hussle and bussle of San Juan. Vieques & Culebra are good options.<BR>Hard to beat those Anguillan beaches and great dining but you don't have to break the bank by doing it that way since there are plenty of more modest options. It's not a lush green island and is arid and a bit scrubby but that is exactly what makes those beaches wonderful. No shopping but a day on St. Martin by quick ferry might solve that problem and get you to yet another island. <BR>For shopping you would pick either St. Martin or St. Thomas and St. Thomas has some wonderful spots but if you want to try a new place Anguilla is lovely for relaxation and just one great beach after another. Try Bob Green's web site &lt;; for all that you would ever want to know about Anguilla and ignore the trolls that try to get reactions by posting inaccurate information about locations.

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