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Jean Jan 19th, 1999 01:50 PM

Help! Dallas to any Caribbean islands
We are planning take a short vacation-about <BR>4 days(will be including Saturday and Sunday)- not be able take too many days off from work. <BR>I have been check several Airline scheudle and Funjet etc, I can not find any island <BR>have direct flight from DFW or one stop easy connection. To St. Lucia, we have to flight all day or all night, for a short vacation take 2 days in the air, it's not worth. <BR>We already been to Aruba, Jamica, purerta Vallarta, Grand Cayman, Barbamas, Los Cabos. <BR>We would like to go to some place different <BR>have good beach, calm waters, decent hotel,etc., <BR>If anybody know how to get to any islands from DFW, please let me know. thank you in advance.

stephanie Jan 19th, 1999 06:17 PM

Have you tried American Airlines? They fly direct into San Juan, Puerto Rico from DFW. If you don't want to stay there you should be able to fly on from San Juan to any of the Virgin Islands direct, at least to St. Thomas, and also to St. Maarten - although they may be longer flights than you want, but I know that American services quite a few of the Carribean Islands after first stopping in San Juan. Wish I had your decision to make!

Christine Jan 21st, 1999 09:12 AM

If you're not set on going to an "island", American Airlines also flys directly into Cancun, Mexico from DFW. <BR> <BR>-Christine

Cheri Jan 21st, 1999 09:26 AM

Check American. Dallas is one of its major hubs and there should be many places that you can go from there. Cancun is a short hop non-stop. You can be there for lunch.

Christie Jan 21st, 1999 11:51 AM

American would definitely be your best bet to get to the Caribbean from DFW. However, they do not have direct service from DFW. You will have to connect in either Puerto Rico or Miami, but both of these are easy connections. <BR> <BR>If you're just going for 4 days, why not do Cancun? There are several brand-new, all-inclusive resorts down there, and they are all quite affordable. And as the previous posts mentioned, the flights are direct and quick! The beach is very beautiful, too!

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