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I'm going on my honeymoon next July. We're deciding whether to go to Hawaii (Maui & Kuai) or Caneel Bay in St. John. Can anyone compare the two? Caneel Bay would cost me a lot less than Hawaii but is it just as nice?
Is the food and service in Caneel Bay on the same level as the better hotels in Hawaii?
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I fear that you are trying to compare apples and oranges. When picked fresh off of the tree they are both exceptional fruit but different. I would consider the food service comparable. The question is do you want to visit islands or stay in one small resort. The closest comparable in the Hawaian Islands to Caneel Bay is perhaps the Kona Villiage in the big island of Hawaii.
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Paul Rost
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My wife, and out firends spent a week in Caneel Bay last year. We found the food to be average at best. We found the rooms to be out dated and No AC. While the island, beaches, and grounds are in fact outstanding, the service, food and accomodations are equally hohum. Had I been on my Honeymoon, it would have a disapointment. I spent by Honeymoon at Cap Jaluca and found that to be a truly eceptional place. I like Hawaii, but the flight from the East is of course a headache. The couple we were with had went to Hawaii for their Honeymoon and found Cannel Bay to be a far worse expeience than their trip to the Pacific. Hope it helps
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I have been trying to tell people for the longest time that Caneel Bay is a true DUMP!! Thank you for confirming it, Paul, although you ARE, unfortunately, in the minority on this Board!!!
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Laurance Rockefeller
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Too bad that Paul and Mike were disappointed in the resort which I developed back in the 1950s. Since Rosewood Hotels & Resorts took over management of the property 7 years ago, they have made numerous improvements, and today it is better than ever. It certainly is true that the vast majority of people on this board and every other Caribbean travel board which involves the USVI continue to give rave reviews to my personal favorite resort in the world. The readers of CONDE NAST TRAVELER once again have rated it as one of the top resorts in the Caribbean.

Hawaii is nice and there certainly are many fine resorts in that state, but St. John is the closest you will ever come to paradise. Caneel Bay remains the best resort on St. John and in the USVI.
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Caneel Bay is a wonderful resort. It is elegant and low key. It is not a glitzy hotel,not a high rise, like so much of Hawaai, so I think perception and expectation are a big factor. It all depends what you want. I do think the price is expensive , so like anything else be very careful what you are looking for . We love ST. John and Caneel because it suites us.
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Like everyone says, it depends on what you're looking for.

I have been to both Hawaii and Caneel Bay in the past couple of months; and enjoyed both.

There is certainly more to do and more options of accomodations on Hawaii. I think the level of service would be comparable. If you are traveling from the East coast, you would want to spend more than a week in Hawaii.

Caneel Bay is truly a beautiful resort; however, it is certainly not for everyone! We had a lovely room (with AC which we never turned on) on Hawksnest Beach. Most days (this was the off-season) we had the beach to ourselves. We spent 4 days at the resort (and 3 days in Cruz Bay) and didn't use all of the Caneel beaches. We didn't eat any meals at the resort, so I cannot comment on the food; however, there are many great restaurants on the island.

There is virtually no nightlife at Caneel Bay or anywhere on St. John. You may find some of the bars open until the wee hours, but there are no shows or dancing. You can find some kind of nightlife in Hawaii, even on Kauai.

We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii (10 years ago) on Kauai and the Big Island. We opted for Hawaii because we wanted to do a 2-week vacation.

As long as you don't question your choice to death, you will have a wonderful honeymoon.
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I have been to Caneel Bay half a dozen times over the past ten years and to a number of other islands in the Caribbean. Depending upon what you are looking for, St. John and Caneel Bay can be a wonderful trip. If you want to get away and feel like you are marooned on an island, Caneel Bay may be the place. The rooms are not extravagant, but they are very private as are the majority of the beaches. Caneel Bay can be a great escape, but do not go there if you want to be pampered and waited on constantly and spend your time in spas and in bars/clubs. Go there if you want to escape and be left to yourselves on a beautiful island.

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