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shawn Feb 28th, 2000 11:30 AM

Has anyone stayed at the Ol' Works Inn on Tortola?
Thinking about booking a room at the Ol' Works Inn in Tortola, for 3 nights. The rates are reasonable. Is this a good place to stay? Any information on the Inn or Tortola would be greatly appreciated.

Kay Feb 29th, 2000 03:58 PM

I stayed one night at Ole Works Inn on Cane Garden Bay and thought it was nice and and worth the money. I ahd a big room with a nice bathroom. Ask for a room not facing the road or you will hear the music from teh restaurant across the street. Or if you get a room facing the stree tyou get a balcony. The restaurant across teh stree had great food and entertaiment and is right on the water.

Joel Mar 4th, 2000 04:05 PM

Shawn, I think Ol' Works is in a great location and definitely a good buy. It's on Cane Garden Bay (of Jimmy Buffet fame, a very beautiful and laid back bay that features calm waters, friendly people, and a nice view). As Kay said it's on a road, but picture a narrow 2 lane road that is best described as "sleepy". Heavy traffic might be a car a minute. And since the hotel is on a sharp curve traffic is moving slow. <BR>I think that the restaurant across the street is Rhymer's. It's got good local music most nights and looks out over the Atlantic. It is a low building and doesn't in any way obstruct your view. I'd opt for any room that has a seaward view. <BR>The North Coast Rd. goes from nowhere to nowhere. The towns are on the S coast. Ol Works and the N. Coast Rd. really is the area where most of the better hotels are with the exception of a few. It's a very quiet area, as I said, quite laid back. I strongly recommend you arrange for a 4WD for your time there and take advantage of the many beaches on the island.

Ashley Mar 7th, 2000 06:58 PM

The restaurant across the street is Quitos, and Quito owns to Ole Works Inn. It's nice, and even nicer are the Lighthouse Villas, which are 65 feet up a driveway that is next to Ole Works. Lighthouse is just a couple of years old and is owned by Quito's sister. It's really nice. I stayed there week before last and loved it.

Joel Mar 12th, 2000 01:25 PM

Yeah, Quito's is the name of the restaurant. His last name is Rhymer. Quito Rhymer. Food is pretty good. Liked Quito's self-accompanied music.

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