Has anyone been to the SunPalace in Cancun?

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Has anyone been to the SunPalace in Cancun?

WE want to go to an in expensive place in Cancun. The Palace has a deal of $1530- for 2 people for 7 nights. How are these resorts,are main concern is being able to swim in the ocean, please help!
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I went there last year with a group of friends and stayed at the Beach Palace.
The beach palace is the closest to downtown but it is the smallest one with barely any beach, next is Cancun Palace which is the biggest with a pretty big beach(if you like to be around alot of people this would be best), Sun Palace is the furthest from the downtown area(probably a 15-20 minute bus ride) but is the nicest out of the three(good for couples), i don't know how big there beach is because we only went to dinner there one night. Also, I would recommend seeing your doctor before you leave, he can give you something to prevent you from getting sick. I didn't and ended up real sick the last couple of days, there was about four of us out of the group that got sick and I found out when I got home and seen my doctor he could have gave me a shot to prevent this. Doesn't matter which hotel you stay at this could happen because we are not use to some of the bacteria they are immune to down there, this would happen to them if they came up here to the states. Anyways, I do a yearly group trip with my friends and that sounds like a really good deal.
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Went to Cancun in October. I stayed at the Cancun Palace but visited the Sun Palace. I was VERY disappointed. This was not a luxury resort. The rooms wre reminiscent of a Holiday Inn. Food was terrible, 3 out of 4 in our party got sick! I have been all over Carribean and am a fan of the Sandals resorts this did not compare!!! the sun Palace lobby and restaurants were nicer thant the Cancun Palace but i didn't see the rooms. Neither resort had any nightlife though. Bars closed at 1a.m. and no dancing or shows. you had to leave the resort and go into town to do anything other than lie by the pool. The Sun Palace was pretty far from town too. this is a place to go for a 3 day getaway where you just want to rest. Anything else, choose a deluxe resort. Yes, they are more expensive but worth it in the long run!
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I disagree with the previous posters response regarding the Cancun Palace. We just returned this last Thanksgiving and had a wonderful stay there. We did get the jacuzzi suite versus the ROH room and I have heard there is a big difference. Nobody in our party got sick during our stay there. The food was good and I didn't feel overly crowded there at all. We visited the Beach Palace and would definitely not recommend it....way too small for my tastes. Some people we met on one of the tours were staying at the Sun Palace and said that the beach there was rocky and not as nice as the Cancun Palace. The food there was better she said though. Hope I was of help.
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Stayed at the Sun Palace about 3 years ago and had one of the worst vacations I have ever had. I usually go to a nice (4 or 5 star) hotel. I was very disappointed here. First, they did not explain how to get fed. Restraunt by the pool could not tell if it was buffett or you get waited on. It is a little of both. The food was lousy as was the pool. We didn't go to the beach as there was not much of one (rocky and minimum space at high tide. The worst of the trip however is that it was Thanksgiving week and I did almost all of my christmas shopping. I had everything new in a carry on bag. We had to check out of our room about an hour before being picked up for the airport. I was told it was safe to leave my bag with the porter. When the bus arrived my carry on was gone. I was not upset as I really thought that it would turn up, it did not. I must say that the hotel was very good and did reimburse me for my loss. But I would much rather have had my presents so I did not have to shop all over again (and I had some pretty neat stuff).
I have stayed at the Restin Regina at the bottom of the strip, near Club Med, and loved it. It is not an all inclusive but at the time I got a good deal and the room was really nice.
Good Luck

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