Guana Island honeymoon--Anyone been here?

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Guana Island honeymoon--Anyone been here?

Hi. I read about Guana Island in the BVIs in a magazine, visited the website and have fallen in love. Can it really be as amazing as it seems? We are looking for a romantic, secluded place to honeymoon for a week. Not into night-life, but would like great food and privacy, as well as hiking, ocean swimming, snorkeling type activities. Has anyone been to Guana Island? I would love a report. I believe it would end up costing us around $7K including airfare, taxes, 7 nights (all-inclusive w/ 3-meals/day etc). Is this too much to pay for this type of place? Are there less expensive places to get a similar experience? Also, would we have to worry about hurricanes the second week of June? Thanks!!! (Also would appreciate info. on Peter Island, Bitter End Yacht Club and how these places compare to Guana Island.)

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Can't anyone help me out? I would really appreciate any info you could give us.

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Go to and also
Both have wonderful info on Guana and Peter Islands.
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Ali, haven't stayed at Guana myself, but Scubamom has (and she's stayed at Peter Island as well) ... check out her reports at

Also, for lots of great BVI advice, visit

Of the 3 resorts you mention, Guana is by-far the most private and secluded. PIR, though private, allows yachties to land and partake of the restaurant and beach. Bitter End is even more public. However, Guana has managed to deter most all visitors other than guests.
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Thanks! I have actually already checked out both Scubamom's reviews and the TTonline site. I didn't see tons of info on the traveltalkonline site, though, so I'll try that again. I really appreciate the input!
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Absolutely spectacular. Scubamom hits the nail on the head with Guana. You won't regret it.
BEYC commercial and busy with yachties who belly up to the bar and don't seem to care if the food is good or not. Trust me, it's NOT.
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Check out on Best Shot Auctions for a package on Guana Island being offered right now.
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If you're looking for another alternative - skip BEYC and consider Biras Creek. Scubamom gives a great review of it as well. We considered Guana as well - it really does look wonderful - hopefully will get there someday.
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Scubamom is the website designer of Guana, Peter Island and Biras Creek but not of BEYC. It's her business - she has to give Guana, PRI and BC a good review.
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Hi Ali-I took a trip to Guana Island in May 2001 and it is truly beautiful. You will feel you're on your own private island. It's a perfect place for a honeymoon, if you're not looking for nightlife. The food is wonderful. There were only about 14 to 16 people there at the time-on the whole island! There are various hikes you can take, the Island is very hilly and lush. The beach is lovely and you can snorkel right off it on one end. Also very casual, you don't need to dress up very much. Usually at night we all ate together,but you can eat on your own if you wish. The cottages are very nice & private. Do check out, thats how we went and we got a great price and had no trouble at all. Someone else mentioned Biras Creek, I have also been there and it is another great place for a honeymoon. Where ever you go, have a wonderful Honeymoon.
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Scubamom was writing resort and travel reviews long before she became a webmaster. I can remember seeing some in AOL travel libraries back in 1994 on Peter Island and Biras Creek (and even Drakes Anchorage, but alas it is now closed).
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Don't worry I will perhaps Sunday. You can e-mail me direct more details on your expectations for Guana Island or post them as you chose. It is one of our favorite places but not for the reasons of many on this forum. You should review the report in detail on Guana Island. It is very close to the truth. She and husband were there while we were last May. They are interesting and unsual people.
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I seem unable to post my reply for some strange reason. Things seem to working elsewhere on this forum.
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I would like to make some comments To "Noname" about ScubaMom, Lynn Mckamy and her husband Ken. Over the past 40 years we have been to almost every place that she has reviewed. Recently we were at Guana Island with them both and they don't get free rides at the resorts she reviews. You could not meet more down to earth and straight shooting people than Lynn and Ken. Compared to our experience we think her reviews are honest and to the point. I would rely on anything she writes. We both have been to Little Dix when it was a Rock Resort and I will completely agree with her comments about the changes. We both knew Drakes Anchorage in its better years. Thus I wish to correct your suggestion that she would have to turn in a favorable review on some of the properties in the Caribbean.
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When I opened your posting the last thing I saw was your plea "Can't anyone help out?". At that point I heard a call that dinner was on the table. I made a quick post and left for dinner. Today I found that I was at the end of a lot of previous postings. My face is a little red but I will try to give you our viewpoint of the island.

What compares to Guana Island - I really don't know of any place. This is not a resort. The island is a nature preserve. There is nothing that suggests the lap of luxury. You don't even have fancy toiletries. There is no TV, AC, swimming pool, linen sheets, marble baths, room service, radio, or other frills. For some strange reason it does have one tennis court that is seldom if ever used. The building and furnishings are rustic. The island has had an interesting history and it has maintained a lot of the original flora and fauna. As such, the island is unique in the BVI. As you know, it holds only 30 people at best and seldom are that many there. It has always been expensive to stay at Guana and for the type of experience it offers in the world of today it is well worth the price but not to the people that love Cap Juluca in Anguilla. It is very expensive to keep an island of this type in top condition. It is a special garden of Eden for people that appreciate this sort of thing.

The rooms have been upgraded from our first visit. At that time there was no hot water and you had a chain pull shower to conserve water. As you know the rooms are a few hundred feet above the shore. On our first visit there was a donkey available if you wanted a ride up the hill. Today you can call for a ride but most foot it up the road.

The last manager when back to Germany and I don't know who is in charge currently. They tend to set the tone of the island with such things as using place cards at the dinner table to keep people moving about. Meals are over set periods with breakfast to order. Lunch is buffet and dinner is at a set time family style. There is a prior cocktail period where most guests gather. Dinks are on your own. You can have dinner served separately out on the patio under the trees and stars with candle light if you so order. There might be one or two entree selections. They will cater to special food requirement. The meals are good and healthy and dinner is served with a modest wine. Otherwise all drinks are on the honor system where you fill out what you use.

We enjoyed the top room on the island "Grenada" during our last stay. It is a climb for everybody including the maids. It is on the second floor with a large deck overlooking forever. Some consider it too windy but wind is part of our joy. It has a king size bed and ceiling fan.

The main beach is sandy with very limited snorkeling. It has comfortable lounges and shade. Many spend a good part of the day there reading and sipping on drinks from the little beach facility there. The other beaches are on the other side of the island and you need to be part mountain goat to get to them but the trails are marked and there are hand lines in some areas. There can be more interesting snorkeling on that side of the island.

Yes the place is special for special people that like each other. Also, we have never been there when we did not like the other guests.

This is a private island and you feel that it is your own to do as you please. There is lots to explore.

I hope this helps you in making a decision.

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I read the last report on Guana Island. Sounds a little too remote. You can get the same experience but more luxury at an island such as St. John or St. Barts.

We preferred St. John and we rented a villa. You can have total privacy. Beaches are not that crowded and there are about 35 or so. Breathtaking. Lots of hiking trails. Very lush and beautiful island.

Check out USVI online before you decide on Guana!
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You are so right. I am pleased that I got the message across that Guana is not for everybody particular those where western style luxury is an important element in their lives. Most certainly all of us appreciate luxury from time to time. Again, I tried to get across that Guana is truly an unusual place which is hard to duplicate in the Caribbean. It is the Island that talks to you which is tuly a lovely and refreshing experience for the right people. However, it is not for everybody. You go to Guana to be part of nature and the island and to share it people of a like mind. Other places you are part of a resort or the local world. You can feel really free on Guana as you can on a places like Manihi in the pacific. You have a sense of being a part of nature free from the cares of the crazy world. Truly this is worth its weight in gold.
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A few years ago, I saw a reference to a scubamom article and checked it out. It sounded as though it had been copied from the hotel brochure. Anyone who designs websites for hotels is not going to give you the full truth about a place, in my opinion. How often are there negative reviews? Or has she never met a place that didn't give her free food, rebates, etc.
Anyway, everybody, be cautious about what you read on the net.
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snorkelmom, how about a review of Guana from when you were there? Or even any resort where you've stayed? Scubamon's review of Biras and Guana are right on target.
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