Grenada's Allamanda Resort


Oct 29th, 1998, 09:20 AM
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Grenada's Allamanda Resort

Just wondering if anyone has seen/stayed at the new "five" star resort, Grenada. We got a GREAT deal on an oceanfront room in February, just wondering had anyone seen it or stayed there. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.....
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May 15th, 1999, 07:03 AM
Barbara and Steve Singer
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Dear Sharon:

We stayed at the Allamanda in May, 1999, and were very disappointed. The hotel was not as it appeared on the Internet. We had no air-conditioning for a day and a half, there was no buffet breakfast as advertised, and there "Beautifully
Decorated" room did not have a telephone, clock, or even a picture on the wall.

The restaurant's menu was very limited and the staff was rather surly. We would not recommend anyone to stay at the Allamanda (who said it was a Five Star Resort?) I did not feel like I was in the Caribbean...there was no tropical ambiance.

The Coyoba Hotel, next door, is infinately nicer at the same price.
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May 18th, 1999, 02:25 PM
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I just returned last Wed from a 9 day/8 night stay in Grenada. I stayed at the Coyaba, which as the previous poster stated is right next door to Allamanda. I can't speak on the interior of the rooms, however the grounds of the Coyaba are much nicer than Allamanda. I was very satisfied with the room, the grounds (lovely even 5 months into the dry season), and the staff was very helpful. It was pretty quiet while I was there with mostly older European couples which was fine as far as I was concerned. The island is spectacular. Grand Anse beach is the most famous and is very nice. However, I would rate Mourne Rouge Beach, La SaGesse Nature Ctr's beach, Levera Beach, a)Paradise Beach b) Anse La Roche Beach c) Sandy Island's beach (a,b & c are on Carriacou) all at least equal to Grand Anse. Additionally, if you added up the number of people on these 6 beaches besides myself you'd still be below 15 total. Grenada is a lot more than just beaches and has a spectacular rainforest and friendly people as well. I will post a full trip report later. However, anyone who has immediate questions should feel free to e-mail me. That is how I got some of my best info and would be glad to pass it on to others. Lastly, I don't believe that Allamanda advertises itself as a "5-star" resort.
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