GRENADA--touring info needed


Jun 25th, 1998, 08:15 PM
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GRENADA--touring info needed

I'm interested in knowing the best sites to see on Grenada. I'm especially interested in seeing the waterfalls in the interior. I'd like to do a short hike, too--and reserve the option for a longer (hour or more) hike if we have a chance. Any suggestions?

Also--any other suggestions for travel in Grenada--money, what not to do, etc.? We'll be cruising for three days on one of the Moorings' yachts, then spending three nights at Secret Harbour.

Thanks in advance...
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Jun 26th, 1998, 03:11 AM
K Noel
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Went to Grenada in February--it was the starting point for our Windjammer trip and we went a few days early. We rented a jeep and did the sightseeing on our own. there are LOTS of folks to do tours in vans, though. If you chose that route, I would see the folks at the dock where the cruise ships come in. Another crucial tip: avoid the falls and other attractions when the cruise ships are at the Carenage!! They dump 2000 people into that tiny town and it's a disaster! (I won't go into my opinion about cruise ships!!) The rainforest is a beautiful place to hike also. Secret Harbor is going to be great--it's away from the crowds and "hawkers". Make sure to walk up to the fort above St. Georges. Check out and go to the Grentel (phone company) home page. there's lots of great info there, including live pictures to whet your appetite. Let me know if you need specific info. PS, if you're at Duke, I'm thirty miles north from you!! K Noel
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Jun 26th, 1998, 03:44 AM
Bob & Ev
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We also were in Grenada last feb. We hired a local taxi driver with a mini van to take us about for the day, based on a prior recommendation from a netter. His name is Charlie Joseph and he charged us $100 for the day, we started at LaSource, went to St Georges, then Annandale Falls(mid am b4 the cruise crowds), continued up the coast to a few spice barns and markets, stopped at black sand beaches and a fishing village, lunched at Carib's Leap, over to Luvera Natl Park (definitely see this beach b4 it gets developed and hotels take over), down to a rum factory, across to the volcanic lakes in the rain forest. We were able to help plot our course and determine how much time we spent along the way. Some of Grenada's roads can be tricky...we felt safer with a driver who know his way around. In any case, it is an absolutely gorgeous isle, and you will enjoy yourself tremendously! Bob & Ev
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Jul 1st, 1998, 09:04 AM
R. Bailey
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Try Concord Falls - you drive in to the first, the second is about half an hour walk through a plantation, and you can go further if you want. Annandale Falls is pretty but more commercialized; you'll be latched on to by a guide. Mount Carmel Falls also is easy to get to. Don't expect Niagra in any case. You can do some walking in the Grande Etang rain forrest, and the national park and beach at Lavera are very nice. La Sagesse also might appeal to you.

US money is no problem. Safety is not a major concern, but maintain normal care. People are quite friendly. There will be some hawkers, especially targetting suspected cruise ship passengers, but they generally respect a polite refusal.
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