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4carolina Oct 25th, 2009 04:36 AM

Grenada for The First Time.....HELP !!
We had not considered Grenada until I read the raves on this board,so I am appealing to those Granada afficionados for advice/suggestions.We are two women friends,over 65......very active and seasoned travellers.....who vacation together every year.We love Anguilla and Virgin Gorda,because of the peacefulness and gorgeous beaches.Since we usually stay 8 nights,Virgin Gorda is too much of a hassle.Sadly,Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla was torn down.It provided exactly what we treasure:clean,modest affordable,accommodations on the beach,We can spend around $350.per night for a shared room with 2 beds,and would so appreciate suggestions.On some of the Caribbean boards,people chat about Skyauction..Is this a last minute option??Is this a reliable way to get to resorts we otherwise could not afford.......or should we stick to just calling the hotel??So many of you have "smarts" in regard to island vacations,and I hope you will share with us your wise advice..Options ??????

Caribheart Oct 25th, 2009 05:18 AM

Hi 4Carolina - are you flying from the States?

If you are chosing Grenada...what level of accomodations are you looking at as I sadly dont' know they Rendezvous...I can strongly recommend the Flamboyant but it is not a standard "hotel" it is more of a boutique kind of hotel more traditional to the Caribbean than US standards - like Timothy beach resort in St.Kitts...therefore it can get some flack from people who expected a bit hotel with all the amenities and gates and private beach etc....

Both the mentioned hotels are smaller with a variety of units such as standard rooms, rooms with kitchenettes and studios wtih full kitchens - they are more quaint (do not read that as beat up run down or any negative) they just possess more of a part of the island feel.

Flamboyant in GND is perched into the hillside at the end of Grand Anse Beach which is one of the big popular is a beautiful stretch of beach however, quite populated with hotels. That makes Flamboyant more appealing as it is at the end and more quiet....The hotel has beautiful views of the beach (from high on the hill) and sweeping on to St.Georges which is even more lovely at night.

From the Flamboyant you can walk to many locations like the second beach in close proximity which is around the corner and is more peaceful - it also has a hotel but just one on it....there are other accomodations there but I am uncertain of the current status.

There are restaurants within walking distance and all along the beach which is a good stretch. You can also access the little grocery store by strolling down the beach and there is a pizzeria there.....yum.

Grenada has quite a bit to do and see - I have enjoyed it to be a safe island and would not hesitate to take my family there in a heartbeat...We are returning to St.Kitts for the same reason and the costs were a little bit better for us from Canada plus there is something I find terribly addictive about St.KItts that I can not shake - I have to get back to those views I love and the beach bars that recharge my heart and this year St.Kitts for us! If you choose GND you will be thrilled I believe - the people are wonderful, the island lush and mountainous, there are waterfalls, plantations, rainforest and a beautiful town with an interesting fort to visit! Ah and La Sagesse nature area and beach - accomodations there too that you may be interested in....

mymoosie Oct 25th, 2009 05:23 AM

I'm one of the big fans of Grenada here and it sounds like it would fit what you are looking for. The beaches are beautiful in their own right, as long as you are ok with not having the blindingly white sand like in Anguilla. Grenada's beaches tend to be light brown to dark sand, with Grand Anse beach & Morne Rouge beach being the lighter ones. There is lots to do other than just the beach, plenty of local culture, great local food, and very friendly locals (the friendliest we've met in our travels).

In Grenada my home base is Lance Aux Epines Cottages which sounds similar in style to the former Rendezvous Bay. I have some old trip reports with photos that you can read on I'm working on the one from my May trip before my next trip. (yes, I'm a slacker on trip reports!)

Skyauction is great if you are really set with your dates as you cannot change them once booked. Usually the properties offered are in the moderate class, but lately probably due to the economy, I am seeing more and more higher class hotels being offered, so yes, it is a great way to try those hotels. The other option is which offers more of the luxury hotels.

Happy planning!

ejcrowe Oct 25th, 2009 06:28 PM

I, too, love Grenada (and VG and Anguilla!), but if Virgin Gorda is too much hassle for you to get to, I'm pretty sure Grenada would be, too. For example, from the east coast I can get to VG by mid to late afternoon, but I can't get to Grenada until about 7:00pm at the earliest. It takes a full day of travel, but I personally think it's worth it. Your miles may vary, however.

Like mymoosie, I've used both Luxury Link and Sky Auction with satisfaction. It's always a good idea to contact any properties you're considering ahead of time to see if they have availability for the dates you're considering.

I like the LAE cottages that she recs--they're charming and set in a nice residential neighborhood. And while it's nice to have the beach right there, it's not a beach that can compare in any way with Rendezvous Bay. In fact, most of the beaches on Grenada can't compare, but it offers so much else not found on Anguilla that it makes up for it--the vibrant West Indian culture, the lushness, waterfalls, mountains, etc.

For well under your budget you could easily get a nice beachfront room at the Grenada Grand, one of the larger resorts on the island on a lovely stretch of Grand Anse, the most popular beach on the island. Other places directly on the beach are either too couples oriented (La Luna) or too expensive (Spice Island, though I don't know what their room-only rates are. It might be worth inquiring), or not quite nice enough (Jenny's Place).

What time of year are you planning to travel? That will make a big difference in price. Would you consider staying in a villa?

MIA_islandexpert Oct 26th, 2009 07:53 AM

I too think Grenada is a great choice if you are looking for something new. Have you looked into LaSource at all? High season rates are above what you're looking for, but there are some good promotions running now through the end of the year. The nightly rate includes a wide variety of activities (tennis lessons, Tai Chi, aerobics, name it,) meals, airport transfers and a spa treatment each day.

eileen Oct 26th, 2009 08:37 AM

Grenada Grand is on skyauction right now. I think it is worth a try for you, what happens is if you win the auction, you send skyauction your dates and they try to confirm your reservation. As long as your selected dates meet the date criteria on the item, if they can't fulfill your request then you are not charged. There have been some really good deals lately. Just be aware, Grenada is a difficult and expensive island for airfare. Check the flights first.

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