Grand Cayman Trip Report May 10-16th Part 1

May 21st, 2006, 06:11 AM
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Day 5 Sunday

Went to the Turtle Farm.We got there around 10:00 and they were feeding the was neat the watch as all of the HUGE turtles gathered around really close to eat.

They have about 4 or 5 different pools were you can pick up the turtles.Everytime we would pick one up,they would start flapping their arms,it was so cute to watch them.

The only thing that disappointed me was that there were no baby turtles that we could pick up and there was not a guide to tell you anything about the turtles.

My 3 yr old Ryan, really wanted to hold a baby turtle.

The gift shop had some neat souviners to bring back.My 11 yr old son Taylor, bought a keychain for me at the gift shop and told me "Happy Mother's Day"..I thought that was really sweet.

Next stop was Eden Rock to snorkel.Not a good place for very young kids.Ryan would not get in the water.
Ryan went running down to get to me and just as I told him NOT to run..he fell on his face and scratched his nose up pretty bad.

So I sat with me and cleaned up his nose.He sat down at the picnic table with my mom and said that his nose was o.k.

So I joined my husband and other 2 sons who were already snorkeling.
We saw alot of fish,Tarpon,and squid.The coral here was really colorful.We stayed for about 1 hour.

By this time everyone was hungry so we went by Burgerking drive thru and then on to the condo.

The kids wanted to swim in the pool.So the older 2 went down to the pool and my mom and Ryan stayed in the room.Ryan took a nap.

My husband and I went out to snorkel some more.We went to Smith's Cove which is a great place for the whole family (we should have gone here before Eden Rock) The entry is a small sandy beach surrounded by big rocks.We snorkeled around the rocks in the water.We followed a guy who was feeding the fish and attracted all kinds of them.I saw a school of Trumpet fish swim right in front of was really cool.I also saw a few Clown fish which was a first for me.We stayed here for about 1 and a half.

On the way back to the condo..we stopped at a beach bar for the Courtyard Marriott on 7 mile beach and had some Calamari and a few Red Stripes.

We wanted to Parasail so I went to the Red Sail Watersports stand that is on the beach but they did not have anymore openings for the day.

We went back to the condo and ordered dinner from Dine In (Coconut Joe's).

This night we spent at the pool with the kids until around 10:00.I went in with the kids and read for a while and they watched TV.

My husband stayed on the beach with his new buddy from Jamaica for a while.Then came in for bed.

Day 6 Monday

We were supposed to go home this day.I called US Air and changed the flight for the kids,my mom and me for the next day.

My husband went back home as he needed to get back to his business.

The kids and my mom went to the pool and beach while I took my husband to the airport.

When I got back we went to Cayman Kai which is on the way to Rumpoint to walk the beach and look for shells.
We found 4 very big Conch shells that were in perfect condition along with 2 very small conch shells.Lots of other small shells.We all had fun exploring the beach here.

We went back to the condo around 5:00 and ordered Dine in from Chicken Chicken which was very good.

We went back to the pool to watch the sunset while the kids played.

I will finish our last day a little later.


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May 21st, 2006, 10:05 AM
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christiegr: Thanks for the tip on the online photos. I had tried one other site and got all the photos uploaded and then couldn't figure out how to post them here. As I said, this isn't my strong suit... Will check out your recommendation.

z: Thanks for the offer! Too bad we can't afford to take you along...
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May 21st, 2006, 11:40 AM
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Jspen, LOL! but I pay for my food
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May 22nd, 2006, 01:06 PM
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Day 7

Our flight was to leave at 1:55 pm so we got up early and headed to Georgetown to do some shopping.On the way,stopped at Foster's and bought some Rum Cakes.I got a variety 6 pack for $20.

Got to Georgetown and went to several shops and got some souviners.We also bought some fish food and went across the street to feed the fish.

Overall thoughts...

I loved Grand Cayman.It is not mountainous like I normally love but does have vegetation.

The restaurants are also wonderful as are the people of Grand Cayman.

I found that the prices in the grocery store are not much more than back home.(that seem to be a little cheaper than Hawaii and St John).However, the restaurants are very expensive.

Stingray City with Captain Marvin's is a must do to anyone going to Grand Cayman also the Butterfly Farm.Ask for the crew with Chester,Brandon and Paul from VIP to be your crew.

We never made it to the East End but hope to go back sometime ( I never got to meet TomCayman )

Discovery Point Club is a wonderful place to stay would highly recommend it to anyone with kids who is looking for a nice place on a quietier beach.

Rum Point was my favorite beach.I loved relaxing on a lounge chair in the water with a ice cold Red Stripe!
It was my first time trying Red Stripe and I loved it!

Restaurants that I highly recommend-

The Wharf-great food and entertainment for the kids..get a table by the water.

Deckers-IMO has the best food and good prices!The bartender Donna was very nice.
Pappagallos- Is a nice romantic restaurant with good food..but prices are very expensive ($300 for the 6 of us )

Coconut Joe's-great place to have drinks and meet the locals.

Any questions...feel free to ask!

Thanks to everyone who helped me plan this trip and all of the recommendations.

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May 22nd, 2006, 02:04 PM
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I'm so glad your and your family enjoyed GC.

You mentioned that you changed the date of return on USAir, for five of you. Did they charge you one change fee...or five ?

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May 22nd, 2006, 03:39 PM
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Thanks!We were charged 5 change fees.(I know...we are crazy to have paid that)when you are in "paradise" want to stay forever!

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May 22nd, 2006, 04:09 PM
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I know what you mean ! Even when I have a two week trip scheduled, I'm not ready to leave.

It has become somewhat of a family joke.. will mom come back on time or not ;-)

At least I'm only paying for one !

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May 22nd, 2006, 05:25 PM
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Paying for one is ALOT cheaper than 5!

Have you ever been to Grand Cayman? husband made friends with a very nice guy from Jamaica and will now go to Jamaica with me oneday!!

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May 25th, 2006, 06:21 PM
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For those of you interested in looking at my pictures of Stingray City from our underwater camera.Here is the link and account info.. click on my account and the username is :[email protected] and password is : ryanlee

Then click on "share" to view the pictures.

Excuse some of the pictures...(really close ups of the stingrays)my son Taylor took alot of the pictures.

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Jun 3rd, 2006, 07:29 AM
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ttt for Larry.
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Jun 4th, 2006, 08:57 PM
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Did you not love the atmosphere at Deckers! My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw that huge ceiling fan (really more like a propeller). We loved Deckers, The Wharf and the Italian Place by the Hyatt. I can't believe we didn't do to Papagallo's yet since both times we stayed right by it - next time! So you liked Coconut Joe's? We never went there but heard it wasn't that great.
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Jun 5th, 2006, 07:12 AM
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We did love the atmosphere at Deckers.

We really liked CJ's for drinks.I only had a salad from there so not sure about the food.(but the salad was wonderful).

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