Grand Cayman or Jamaica (Negril or Montego Bay)

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Grand Cayman or Jamaica (Negril or Montego Bay)

Good Evening,

My girlfriend and I are looking at traveling to one of these places (GC or Jamaica-MB or Jamaica-Negril) in the February timeframe. All seem to have nice beaches and are very beautiful. We're looking at relaxing/sight-seeing during the day and enjoying the nightlife in the evenings. I've been to Mexico (Cancun & Acapulco) and was wondering if any of these cities/countries could be compared against? Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks and have a great day!
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You may wish to read the message board at for a while. There is a lot of discussion about Negril night life on an on-going basis.

Unfortunately, I don't have the experience to compare Negril against your other two destinations, but I can say that Negril was a lot of fun! Good luck with your choice.
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Grand Cayman has the SUPERIOR standard of living and no poverty, so that is where you should really go!
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Hi Jeff. I have been to all 3. I've been to GC once, to Negril 4 times and to MB twice.

MB would definitely be my absolute last choice!! GC and Negril remind me a lot of each other because of their 7 mile beaches. We always stay at Sandals in Negril and I would highly recommend it. We get the grand-lux beachfront room and they're great! In GC, the Westin in really nice. Also in GC, you can swim with the stingrays which is really neat. Negril has it's advantages as well including Rick's Cafe. I don't know where you're coming from, but, Jamaica is also cheaper for us to go to because of the airfare and being able to use direct charters thru apple vacations. Also, GC was a lot more expensive food & drink wise - for 2 beers on the beach we paid $11. In Jamaica we would pay $3. At Sandals, everything is inclued (even drinks), but, we like to walk away from the resort up the beach and have a drink or two.

You won't be disappointed with either one!
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We also love Negril Jamaica we have stayed at Sandals Negril and are planning on going back as often as we can. It is the place to regroup and and collect you thoughts and the beach is heaven 7 miles long. The resort itself is wonderful a must!!!!!!!!!!!
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We like Negril. You can stay on the beach or the cliffs (awesome snorkeling) or both - they are a $2 cab ride or long walk apart. Live music every night somewhere on the beach and cliffs, mostly reggae but you can find jazz and other stuff too.

Negril is NOT like Cancun or Acapulco - no high rise hotels allowed, for one. Water is safe to drink. Most people speak English well.

MoBay is OK, I prefer Negril - more laid back, easier to get around independently.

I've never stayed in an A/I in Negril - there are much nicer places to stay that are intimate and not cookie-cutter rooms - lots of unique cottages and cabins and such, especially on the cliffs.
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Having lived in Grand Cayman for 11 years as well as having travelled through Jamaica, I would recommend GC. The water is much clearer and calmer in GC. The snorkelling and diving is one of the best. The people are friendly and there is no hustling on the beach or anywhere else, for that matter. It is expensive, no doubt, but you can eat all of the food and drink all of the water, without worrying about getting sick. The Westin is a beautiful hotel on 7 Mile Beach. An alternative, is to rent a condo on 7 mile beach - more space for you.

As for Jamaica, forget MoBay. negril would be a possibility and Rick's Cafe is one of my favorites. Jamaica, though, is not considered to be a really safe place for exploring on your own. That would be a big negative for me as I enjoy doing my own thing and exploring. Good luck and have fun!

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