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vtjaimevt May 7th, 2006 12:29 PM

Good eats in St. Barts?
Hello all! My fiance (soon to be husband) and I are going to St. Barts for our honeymoon. We have some family friends who are native to St. Barts, and they are letting us stay in their house in Saline. (Yes, I know we are incredibly lucky!)

I know St. Barts is notoriously expensive, and while we will eat a few nice meals out, and do most of our own cooking, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some moderate restaurants, even if just for lunch. I have heard you can find really good deals if you look, so I was just wondering if someone could point us in the right direction...

Any other useful info is also appreciated! Thanks!

vtjaimevt May 7th, 2006 12:30 PM

Oh, I should have said, we are going the first week of June... since it's low season, I didn't know if that made a difference or not...

MIM04 May 7th, 2006 06:57 PM

The Wall House is not very expensive (I think 32 Euros for dinner) and it is very good. For a really good meal try K'fe Massai (in Lorient). It was wonderful! Best meal we had on our last trip.

Cooking there is cheap as food at the grocery is very inexpensive, plus the ingredients are all fresh flown in from France, so fantastic stuff. Cheese and fresh french bread for lunch everyday on the beach! :)

There are quite a few inexpensive places to eat. Some casual spots in St Jean, etc.

Have a wonderful trip!

bebe0711 May 8th, 2006 12:15 PM

The Wall House
Andy's Hideaway
Le Piment
Le Rivage

I hope these help. It is very hard to find cheap eats on St. Barth's, but there is nothing like the food there compared to here in the States.


If you really want a romantic meal and money not being an object....Le Gaiac in the Le Toiny is out of this world!! Worth every penny you pay! Very expensive but so romantic and beautiful. ALthough in the afternoon there is a better view, but even if you go for sunset cocktails, you will love the place!

Have fun!


waring Jul 27th, 2006 10:19 AM

It is a total myth that St Barts is an expensive place to eat out. Check out the following:

Aerosnack Airport
Andy's Hideaway St Jean
Au Régal Corrosol
Bacardi Café St Jean
Bar de L'Oubli Gustavia
Le Bête à Z'Ailes Gustavia
Le Bouchon Lorient
Boulangerie Choisy Gustavia
La Cantina Gustavia
Carambole Gustavia
Chez Ginette Anse des Cayes
Chez Mona Gustavia
Chez Rose Columbier
Chez Yvon Anse des Cayes
Cocoloba Grand Cul de Sac
Coffee Shop St Jean
La Crêperie Gustavia
Do Brazil Shell Beach
Le Glacier St Jean
La Gloriette Grand Cul de Sac
L'Indigo Grand Cul de Sac
Le Jardin St Jean
Jojo Burger Lorient
Kiki-é-Mo St Jean
New Born Anse des Cayes
La Petite Bouffe Gustavia
Petite Colombe Columbier
Petite Colombe Gustavia
Petite Colombe Lorient
Pipiri Palace Gustavia
Le Portugal à St Barth Lorient
Le Repaire Gustavia
Le Restaurant des Pêcheurs Grand Cul de Sac
Le Rivage Grand Cul de Sac
La Rôtisserie Gustavia
La Rôtisserie St Jean
La Route des Boucaniers Gustavia
Saint Hélène Boulangerie Flamands
La Saintoise Corossol
La Saladerie Gustavia
Santa Fe Lurin
Le Select Gustavia
Terrazza St Jean
Ti Zouk K'fé Gustavia
Le Vietnam Gustavia
Wall House Gustavia
Wishing Well Flamands
Le Wok Lorient

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