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sraghavanmd Feb 8th, 2017 11:08 AM

Family Caribbean vacation in the spring
My family (myself, wife, and 2 year old son) need help planning a tropical vacation for the end of April but have a few requirements, which are making finding the ideal vacation difficult. We live in New York so most of the tropical islands will be in the caribbean or close by. Here are our specifics:

1. Within a 4 hour flight- traveling with a 2 year old is tough as any parent knows

2. Zika free- or as close as possible given our desire to have another child in the near future

3. Child friendly- We would like the resort to offer something for our son

4. All inclusive or at least breakfast and/or dinner included

5. Restaurants close by (or on property)- We don't plan on renting a car and don't want to be traveling long distances for meals with a child. So restaurants that are close by or hotel owned itself would be ideal

Our budget is maximum $600-800/night not including flights and we plan on staying for ~6 nights. Any recommendations would be most appreciated! Thanks.

RoamsAround Feb 8th, 2017 05:10 PM

Maybe this will help address some of your specifics:

1) From NY you can reach all the islands in your tag and quite a few more in 4 hours. However, since you are going in April you may want to eliminate Bermuda as it is very far north (off the coast of North Carolina) and will be too cool for swimming. You also run the risk of it being cool in much of the Bahamas during April so I'd give them a pass.

2) While the risk may be low no one can give you any assurances the island you visit in April will be Zika free. All one can tell you is that on most of the more popular Caribbean destinations the virus in on the downturn. You should really check with your doctor for his/her opinion on the risks you'll be taking.

3) There are lots of child friendly resorts in the Caribbean so that won't be a major issue.

4) & 5) There are no All Inclusives in Puerto Rico or St. Martin. If you must have all inclusive look at resorts in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. Now yo'll find a majority of resorts in your price range will have at least one on-site restaurant and many will have multiple doing options. Some, of course, will offer various meal plans.

Now, take a look at the Marriott Resort on St. Kitts - you can fly there non-stop from NYC Airports in under 4 hours, the resort is very family friendly, it has multiple "on resort" dining options, they offer optional meal plans and there are more than a dozen other restaurants & beach "shacks" that serve food within a 2 to 10 minute walk of the resort.

Although it's at the upper end of your budget you might want to look at Beaches Resort on Providenciales (in the Turks & Caicos). Family oriented All inclusive Resort that's a short 3 hour flight from NYC, multiple on-site restaurants, activities galore, no need to ever leave resort if you don't want.

Hope this helps.

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