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Bottom line to anon poster is that as long as there are vacationers looking to visit Eleuthera, information will always be here to assist them so your messages are moot . ON that note I bid you a happy vacation where ever you decide to visit.
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Thank you for your suggestion. I am, in fact, booked for Grand Cayman soon.

Actually, I do believe my messages bear quite a bit of relevance: They serve to warn newer readers that certain posts do not come from impartial Fodorites, but come from interested parties who are using this forum as free advertising.

I come here for honest suggestions from people who have nothing to gain and nothing to lose by what is said here. I want real opinions from real people. If I wanted advertising, I would do a web search under "Eleuthera Lodgings".

This forum is for neutral, unprejudiced opinions. As a close, personal friend of the owners, i'm sure you want to see them do well. But I for one (and it sounds like others as well) would prefer that this forum remain one devoted exclusively to the exchange of information by REAL travelers.

I suppose to some I may sound a little bit like the Fodor's police, but this forum is a valuable resource, and i'd like to see it remain a valuable resource. I'm sure many of us will rue the day when we have to worry that every post is an advertisement in disguise.
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I suppose despite the requests to cease and desist with the advertising, you will continue, as you have in the past. Hopefully, then, readers will see this thread and take every review/suggestion with a grain of salt. Just curious though, what is your association with the owners anyways?
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Lee J.
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Dear De Anna, your appology is accepted and thank you very much. I'd welcome an email from you sometime, if you have traveled to other islands which are peaceful and isolated.

Dear RU Crazy, Sir, I respectfully submit, and assure you, only as crazy as you would assume. I am not afraid, and posting my number on line, may derive some nasty phone calls, yeah, but that is my choice, isn't it sir. Maybe just once I wanted to step in and help to prove that no one is using fedor's here and everyone is allowed opinion, but its best to think and feel before you speak insults and assumptions. No one "in my opinion" is doing anything wrong here, and if you think they are, then I suggest, visit Eleuthera. My God man, I looked for a place like that all my life, and it was truly a dream come true. Why would you want to sabatoge something good? Just proves my theory, people are afraid to trust and look for the good in things instead of the negative. That is why I choose Eleuthera, to get away from that type of thinking, conditioning. I found something there that I had been searching for all my life, a way of life that I was raised on, but had forgotten all about, through conditioning of television and negative thoughts and even fear initiated by my parents b/c they had never been out of our hometown and feared traveling and seeing the world. Again I say in all honesty and truth, if any of you out there wish to see Eleuthera, just contact me, and I assure you, my opinion is most definately biased b/c I was treated with kindness, respect, and no where back home here have I ever received that kind of welcome. Maybe, just maybe, we need to visit more places like that and bring that kind of courtesy back with us. Do not judge until you have walked in a man's shoes, or YOU may miss out on something wonderful and cause a whole lot of other people to do so also. Again, I mean no harm or disrespect here in the least. God Bless you, and hopefully we can work together and go forward. I would welcome hearing from all of you, if you'd like. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
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For Doug to say he is not affiliated with Cartwright Cottages is an absolute lie!!! Just look at his earlier post (which I have copied below). I wasn’t upset THEN at the fact that he worked or perhaps even owned the place, but I am NOW just because he had the audacity to lie to us and say he had nothing to do with the place. BEAT IT DOUG.

Author: Doug ( [email protected])
Date: 7/19/2001, 11:29 am ET

Message: Hi Lee J, We miss you already, Ten Bay Beach Islandia and Crsytal Light will be awaiting your return. Best Wishes,,,,,from The Cartwrights...
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HI Lee J, it's okay, you cant please everyone, Eleuthera is a great place for the worryfree vacationers and when they see the island, they will understand what you mean. See you in a few mos. Doug
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LeeJ, we appreciate your commments and i don't think anyone is attacking you, but i think the problem people has is with this doug person who is not upfront with people. you say that the owners treated you with respect and honesty, but to people who don't know them that may be hard to believe when their first contact person with the public, doug, is misleading in his posts and not being honest. i try to stay away from dishonest people. you say people are afraid to trust and find something good but would you give your trust to someone who is trying to pull one over on you the minute you meet? i dont think so. i appreciate your input about the island and it really sounds like somewhere i'd like to visit, absolute paradise is hard to find in this day and age, but if i do, i for one will probably find another cottage to stay at. i guess i just see guilt by association here.

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