Divi on Bonaire?


Apr 15th, 2002, 03:07 PM
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Divi on Bonaire?

Has anyone stayed at the Divi Resort on Bonaire recently? I have read negative remarks about the Divi ARUBA.... can anyone tell me about the location on Bonaire?

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Apr 15th, 2002, 04:36 PM
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We spent one week at the Divi on Bonaire September 2000. There are two parts, I assume you are asking about the hotel. The other part is the timeshare. Divi is a very old property. They were in the process of renovating it (very badly needed) while we were there. I would check to see if the renovations are done. Divi takes a long time when it comes to spending money on renovations. The beach is very, very small with a few beach chairs and unbrellas. The rooms are small with noisy "in the wall" type airconditioners. You really couldn't sit outside on your balcony because the aircondition was so loud. It was noisy in the room too. The location is good. You can walk to town where there are many nice restaurants. Snorkeling and diving are also good. When we were there they did not phones in the room. If this is important I would check to see if they installed phones yet. To make a phone call you had to go to the front desk and use the phone. I hope this helps.
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Apr 16th, 2002, 06:48 AM
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We stayed in Divi on Bonaire years ago - even then the rooms were in need of renovation! However, we had actually booked a "studio", but they put us in a room by mistake the first night. The next day we moved to the studio with kitchenette - WAY better, much more spacious and comfortable than the room! There were screen doors on the balcony so we were not bothered by mosquitoes. Yes, also the studio was basic, no tv, no telephone (as far as I recall), but we didn't mind. It may be that these studios are now the timeshares the previous poster referred to. However, I would definitely try to get a room there - I wouldn't go back to the rooms in the hotel itself. Apart from this, we did like the hotel. Yes, the beach was small but swimming was fun, and we also enjoyed the pool. Good luck!
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