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different areas of Grand cayman--what's the differences

different areas of Grand cayman--what's the differences

Apr 4th, 2002, 11:58 AM
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different areas of Grand cayman--what's the differences

We are planning a trip the grand cayman in May and wanted to understand why so many resorts are concentrated on 7 mile beach. Are other areas of the island not good at all? Beachfront is important to us, we don't want to have to drive to the beach. What about Papagallo Bay, or Rum Point, east point, and the north sound?
Apr 4th, 2002, 01:53 PM
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We have stayed at both the 7 Mile Beach area and the East end. The 7 Mile Beach area is a beautiful beach and close to all of the shopping and restaurants, therefore it is really built up along there. The East end is very nice too, but it is 30-45 minutes to stores and such. It depends on what you are looking for. We just returned from our second trip and had a great time on both sides of the island.
Apr 4th, 2002, 03:16 PM
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Seven Mile beach is the main attraction on Grand Cayman because it's a long gorgeous beach, calm water and perfect for the hotels and condos to be located, most being beachfront properties. But there are other beachfront places to stay on GC besides 7MB. The Rum Point, Cayman Kai area is very nice with condo and villa rentals available. This area is much more laid back than 7MB because you don't have all the restaurants and stores close by. Very little traffic and people also, so if your looking for a more quiet relaxing vacation this might be an area you would enjoy. Same beautiful water, nices beaches, but not as big as 7MB. Same way with the east end resorts, your just not in the main stream of activity. If you want to be able to walk to restaurants and shopping those areas might not appeal to you. One of the nice things about Grand Cayman is that most properties are beachfront, you don't have to drive to the beach like you would on some islands. It depends on what your looking for, quiet laid back, or in the main stream of things! Hope this helps.
Apr 4th, 2002, 03:33 PM
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This probably won't help all that much, but we have planned a trip to Grand Cayman and are staying at a Resort called the Grand Caymanian. It is the only resort on North Sound. It's a five star, and we have spoken with someone who loved it so much she bought a timeshare there. They provide shuttle service to the 7 mile strand and have their own boat that will take you to places like Stingray City. We are looking forward to it. I hope this at least helps you in your search.
Apr 4th, 2002, 08:22 PM
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If you want seclusion -- everywhere but Seven Mile Beach.

If you want the most beautiful beach on the island and action -- SMB.

East End beaches offer rougher wind-whipped water and less visibility.
Apr 5th, 2002, 06:21 AM
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Sandy has pretty much hit the nail on the head. You need to keep in mind, that the 7MB area vs. the East end/Rum Point area is simply a matter of opinion. The one thing that is very important in your decision, is what do YOU want, and need, in your vacation?

I have seen both ends, seen the diffrent beaches, and in my (opinion), 7MB is hands down the nicest beach. I really like the fact that you can walk for 5 or 6 miles. I am not saying the beaches on the other side(east) of the island aren't nice, because they are. But if you want pristine waters, and powder white sand, 7MB is the place.

Now when you hear people say how crowded 7MB is, again, this is a matter of opinion. I will agree that the traffic can be bad near the heart of the resorts, and that the larger resorts can definitely get crowded on the beach in front of their properties. But it is very easy to find seclusion on this so-called crowded beach. If you simply drive north, you will find huge expanses of 7MB with very few people around. So I guess it really depends on YOUR tastes. Some prefer to be in the middle of the conjested resort areas, so they can walk to most of there activities like shopping, restaurants, etc. Some like to be close to these same areas, but enjoy some seclusion, so they stay on the northern section of 7MB...A great choice in my opinion. And then there are those who prefer almost total seclusion, going with the eastern end of the island. To enjoy the seclusion of the east end & Rum Point, you will sacrifice having a large choice of some of the best restaurants on the island, shops, bars, etc. I'm by no means saying that there aren't restaurants on the eastern side, just a much more limited choice, most of which, you'll have to drive to. Also keep in mind that Rum Point is in fact a beautiful little spot, but the key word is 'little'. We have tried to enjoy a day there in both of our last trips to the island, and the place was very crowded for it's size. You'll just have to be your own judge on this, as so many really enjoy it there.

Bottom line is to be totally honest with yourself about whats most important in your vacation needs, and go from there. There is nothing wrong with either area, just a difference of opinions. My wife & I would be bored to death in the eastern end, while other folks can't stand some of the conjestion of 7MB, which we prefer. I guess we have just learned how to get away from it if you put minimal effort into it. Either choice is the right one as long as you enjoy your vacation!!
Apr 5th, 2002, 06:27 AM
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We just got back from our first visit and stayed on the northern part of 7MB. It was quiet and relaxing and beautiful! You'd pretty much need a car where we were. We liked that we were close to lots of great restaurants,etc--to drive to----and anything else we'd want to do--but at the same time our beach/pool was not crowded at all and was so peaceful!! We stayed at the Tarquynn which was great --anything up in that area would give you the best of both worlds I would think!
Apr 5th, 2002, 07:47 AM
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Agree with above poster ... the northern end of 7MB is the way to go. We stayed at a small place on the southern shore and visited all over the islands. We kept coming back to the northern end of 7MB. We were there in May and virtually had the beach to ourselves. On our next visit we will rent one of the condos on the northern beach area. I'm not much of a condo person on vacation, but I have to admit, this is the way to go on Grand Cayman. Especially being right on the beach.
Apr 5th, 2002, 11:54 AM
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Also, along with all the other poster's comments, take in consideration what you're going to do when the sun goes down. If your like me, I don't want to sit inside my condo and watch tv, play cards or whatever. I can do that at home. If I'm in the Caymans I like to venture out and go for a stroll through the different shops along 7 mile beach that are open at night or grab myself a frozen yogurt or go to a cappachino bar, etc. I like staying on 7 mile beach and then driving to the east end for some exploring during the day. I'll be in the Caymans in 1 week!!! Instead of renting a condo on the beach I found one in the residential area near the northend of 7 mile beach. I thought it would be kind of neat to stay at a place around the locals.

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