dawn beach or terras basses


Jun 22nd, 2008, 12:03 PM
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dawn beach or terras basses

we are looking to rent a villa either dawn beach or the french side. any recomendations? is there still construction going on in dawn beach? thanks
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Jun 23rd, 2008, 07:50 PM
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Dawn Beach, Oyster Pond area....

The area is NOT SAFE!!!

Me and my sister (in our 40s) and her 2 young kids rented a house from Roy Marlin last year, June 2007.

We paid him 2 months rent which was over $7000.00. He is the safety commissioner of the island so we felt safe and he reassured us many times how safe we were there - NOT!!! Beware!!)

His house was not in a gated community but had a security system and security gate and on our 4th night there, we had 2 masked bandits come in through slider, and throw me on the ground and hold 2 guns to my head as my 6 year old nephew watched. They then drug me by the hair to my sis' room, and held the gun to her head and my nephew's chest. They stole everything of value i.e., computers, digital cameras, cell phones, purses, money, credit cards. The police were of little help and actually insinuated that we had ourselves "set up" so we could collect the insurance money.

We did not want to go back to the house and Roy Marlin would not refund our money.

A few months later, an American female who owned a home in Dawn Beach was walking down to the Westin and she was NEVER found again! She had been visiting the island for quite a few years, I'm thinking like 10-15 years. She knew it well, but still somehow disappeared. After months of looking for her, if my memory serves me correctly, the police turned on the family and accused the husband of setting up his wife's disappearance.

There is nothing you can do when the bandits come with machetes and guns b/c the police are on the other side of the island and the bandits know it takes the police 30-45 minutes to even get to the Dawn Beach side.

The bandits know all the homes that they can "safely" rob and as soon as they see us rich Americans setting up home, BINGO, they attack!

If you do go, beware!!!! And put your money, credit cards and passports all in separate places in case one thing gets stolen you at least have some back up money.

Danika Dahl

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Jun 24th, 2008, 05:28 AM
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that is so scary, what area do you think is safe? or rather, safer? we are going soon and have airline tickets so can't change destinations. is dawn beach safe during the day? more importantly are gated communitys much safer?
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Jul 18th, 2008, 01:59 PM
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I took my kids (teenagers) and some friends to St. Martin for the last 2 years on Spring break. The first year we stayed at the Westin and had a good vacation there but not just terrific.

Last year we went again and 5 of us stayed in the Terres Basses region. We rented a villa through stmartinblue.com. We rented the 4 bedroom Villa Oceane. My kids said it was the best vacation ever. We visit an island every year and this trip was the greatest! We had a housekeeper and a caretaker (husband and wife) who lived on the grounds and took care of us. We hired a personal chef to cook for us the first evening of our arrival (grilled lobster) and also he cooked Sunday brunch for us. I highly recommend looking into these villa.
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