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cynstalker Feb 4th, 2007 05:32 PM

Cyn's trip report from Bermuda at Christmas 2006
We really enjoyed our stay in Bermuda. We went down on December 24, 2006 and returned on December 29, and stayed at the Fairmont Southampton.

The hotel is very nice � they went out of their way to provide lots of family holiday fun � a visit from Santa, including gifts; a Christmas Carole sing, Gombey dancers, horse-drawn carriage rides.

We changed our room the day after we arrived, as we were on the side of the hotel that never received sun. We were upgraded to an ocean-facing room at no charge, since we were celebrating 30 years! Only problem was, the room we were moved into was infested with ants. We called housekeeping as soon as we saw them, and they promised to come and take care of it�they never came that night, and it was one of the worst nights sleep ever � those ants bite! Called housekeeping next morning, and complained at front desk, and they did come and spray, taking care of the problem. And, we got to see some beautiful sunrises, so a few ants did not ruin out trip! :-)

As it was Christmas (and then Boxing day ) we spent our first 2 days at the hotel. By the 3rd day, we were ready to explore, and we squeezed in as much as we could! We hired a taxi-guide (Mr. Quenton Bean), who was <b>wonderful</b>. He took us all around, and really shared his love of his country. He was truly a joy! He even took us into the parliament building (not in session), and his friend gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how the Bermudian government operates. Really fascinating. After our tour with Mr Bean, we went to the Crystal Caves and the Swizzle Inn (and of course had a Rum Swizzle). The last day, we took the hotel ferry to Hamilton, where we did a little shopping, and then took the city-ferry to the Dockyard.

Dinners were at the Waterlot and Bacci�s and the Newport Room at the hotel, and Ascots off-sight. All restaurants had excellent food � the grouper and baby shrimp with seaweed at Ascots was unbelievable! Where does one buy seaweed in New England???

We were pleasantly surprised by Bermuda � exceptionally clean, little (if any?) poverty and crime, beautiful scenery. We loved the people we got to meet �initially more formal and reserved than we�re used to, and always kind and interesting. I enjoyed the formality � it seems more believable and real than the forced-buddy buddy one sometimes gets in large resorts. They treated us, and their friends and their co-workers with <b>respect</b>, and it was a true joy to have spent time in Bermuda.

Thank you all for your wonderful help in planning this trip � so many great recommendations! cmcfong, you are so kind to share all of your knowledge! I <b>did</b> get to hear the tree frogs - but sadly didn't get to see them!

The following is a link to a few of my pictures:

<font color="green">Cyn</font>

cmcfong Feb 4th, 2007 06:44 PM

Wonderful report and I love the photos, Cyn. I have been to Bermuda probably sixty times but never did I ever get to stand at the Speakers podium in Parliament! WOW. Sorry about the ants. I do see you had some lovely weather. Glad your trip was a good one. Congratulations on the thirty year mark.

cynstalker Feb 5th, 2007 05:01 AM

ooh, cmcfong, it was truly special! The gavel is from the 17th century - it's original to settlement times. He even brought out the scepter so we could see it. We saw a chair carved by Winston Churchill...we got a wonderful education from Mr Bean and his friend. So much fun! Even if one doesn't get to go into the parliament like we did (if they were in session of course it would not have happened) taking the taxi guided tour (and Mr Bean <b>was</b> exceptional!) is very worthwhile.

The weather was so-so. We had some rains, but we also had some perfect days - low-mid 70's and sunny. We're not pool-people, but there were lots of people who were enjoying the pool while we were there.

<font color="green">Cyn</font>

cmcfong Feb 5th, 2007 05:08 AM

It did look pretty exciting, Cyn. Glad you had fun.

seetheworld Aug 1st, 2007 06:50 AM

I'm so glad I discovered this report! I have been thinking about a family getaway for a while now (as it seems that everyone in my family can take time off).

If you don't mind my asking, how are the rates this time of year?

Thanks for posting, cynstalker!

cynstalker Aug 1st, 2007 02:47 PM

You're welcome seetheworld - thank you for reading my report! We did not find Bermuda to be terribly expensive - well worth the money in my book.

Have fun!

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