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gq_dq Jan 6th, 2019 12:42 PM

Culebra and Vieques ferry day trips
Since I'm traveling alone, I'm going to play it by ear so not looking to plan a whole lot in advance as I have been to PR several times before... but this time I'm flying in for 3 nights. I'll have two full weekend days (the Sat and Sun before the MLK Monday) so I've already booked a car rental and also the room. I was wondering if was at all feasible to take the early morning Ferry from Ceiba to Culebra on the Saturday, and then back to Ceiba by the evening ferry the same day. I'll park my car in the lot by the terminal. Then next day go to Vieques in the morning and back on the evening ferry. Or go to Vieques the first day and Culebra the next. I'll obviously buy the return ticket before I get on the outbound ferry or I won't go at all since I totally need to be back in Ceiba the same evening both days.

Just wondering what the logistics would be should I choose to do these "day trips" using the ferry... like what time I should plan to show up at the ferry ticket office for the 6 or 6: 30 AM ferries... can I buy the tickets beforehand etc. etc. I know things have improved since after Hurricane Maria... but not sure if they have become a whole lot better. I don't really have any specific plans once on the islands except maybe get somehow to a couple of the beaches - I've heard Flamenco and Caracas are the ones to check out. As I mentioned above, nothing set in stone.


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