Nov 18th, 1997, 07:35 AM
Joe Davis
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Need info about the rio Cauto in eastern Cuba. I'm planning a sea kayak down this river this spring and need any info you have. PLEASE HELP!!
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Nov 18th, 1997, 12:29 PM
John Suarez
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You might want to reconsider visiting Cuba. It's not safe. A 26 year old Dane was shot to death by Cuban troops
for wandering into a restricted area which was not clearly marked. Here's what his parents had to say: A FINAL NOTE
FROM THE FAMILY OF JOACHIM OGNER LOVSCHALL ~Terrorism occurs all over the world and is carried out by
terrorists. In Cuba, inhumane and inexcusable acts of lawlessness and injustice are carried out, not by terrorists, but by the
Cuban government. Jyllands-Posten - Article in original Danish
( or visit for the document translated in English at:
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