Crime on Paradise Island

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Crime on Paradise Island

Our local paper had a story of TWO female bodies found on Cabbage beach. One was a British tourist -the other from Virginia. They were both murdered..
Does this happen often? Is it kept quiet so as not to scare off tourists?
Have other papers even reported the story?
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Michael - I just got back from PI yesterday. While I was down there, I had a very interesting conversation with a local Bahamian, who is a police officer and also works for the military. He is familiar with the case involving the woman from England. I'll e-mail you direct with all the details I was given. It seems that it's not simply a case of a tourist being murdered while on vacation ... there's definitely more to it - assuming the story I was told was correct and I believe that it is!
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Robert Morton
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Michael: Apparently, the incident is true. Some are saying it's rumor. Not so. A reward is offered for the killer of the two women, and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and the Bahamian Government are offering two $100,000 rewards for the killer; one for each victim. Wouldn't it be nice if our government did this? Ingraham is also inviting U.S. and British detectives and forensic experts to join in the manhunt, since one of the women(Joanne Clarke, 24, is from Oxfordshire, England and the other body found was a 32-yeaar-old Lori Fogleman of Richmond, Va. They were on a secluded area of Cabbage Beach. Prime Minister Ingraham is paying for the roundtrip flight of all relatives of both slain women. Police patrols on Paradise Island have been beefed up.In fact, a police station subdivision is located right by the Paradise Island bridge on PI. My wive, daughter and I were there July 14-23. We like to hike isolated spots and planned on trekking along Cabbage Beach. Glad we didn't. Of course, we'd never do it at night. I'd say the slayings were isolated incidents. Be careful, and have fun. Bob
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Jennifer, I tried to email you but got error message. Would you email me with details? My husband and I are going to be at Atlantis, PI, in Nov. and we want to feel safe. Can anyone help with more details?
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Bob Morton
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Hello to all: Regarding the terrible murder on PI. For the past 15 years, my wife daugther and I have frequented Nassau and stayed at the old British Colonial(BC). There has always been crime there, like in all larger cities. But, in Nassau and on Paradise Island, simply be careful and there is no worries. Don't walk around Nassau after dark by yourself or in a small group. Do it all during the daytime. I used to get the Nassau Guardian, their local paper, and the police blotter looks like any other larger cities. The Bahamian Police are bound and determined to keep Nassau and Paradise Island safe. Along Bay Street, for example, in the mid 1980's, there were drug pushers, muggers, rapists, hustlers, prostitutes and over-zealous peddlers who preyed on both Bahamian Citizens and tourists alike. All of this exists today, but no where close to how it used to be. You can still walk up and down the entire length of Bay Street with no problems. The Bahamian police mean business, and the potential wrongdoers no it. I remember one article called, "The Plague On Bay Street" from a 1986 cover story in the Nassau Guardian. Hawkers and peddlers would not take "no" for an answer and became verbally abusive, trying to intimidate tourists into buying their products; drug pushers used to boldly ask tourists if they wanted grass, coke or qualudes, and continued to pursue and harrass the hapeless visitors to Nassau; etc. IN addition, on July 12, 1986, an American tourist woman was robbed, raped adn kidnapped, by two Bahamian men. They had stolen a taxi, and picked up the woman and her male friend. They took the victims to Fort Charlotte and robbed them both. The woman escaped and began to run, but the two men captured her and then abducted her from that scene. Both men were arrested and charged.
The police commissioner, at the time, beefed up patrols, patrol cars, and began a crack down. The following year, when we returned to Nassau, there was no problem walking up and down Bay Street. I'd walk from the British Colonial all the way to Potter's Cay under the PI bridge, and would never have a problem, whatsoever.
I hope this latest murder is an isolated event. If it isn't the police will crack down again, to the peace of mind of both Bahamians and tourists. Bob Morton

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