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Creatures and Beaches and Bugbites--Oh My!! Yup, another St John Trip Report

Creatures and Beaches and Bugbites--Oh My!! Yup, another St John Trip Report

Jul 19th, 2006, 08:18 PM
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Creatures and Beaches and Bugbites--Oh My!! Yup, another St John Trip Report

Inspired by Christiegr's question, I'll start a mini TR now. Back a few days ago from second trip to St John, this one for almost two weeks' time. Bliss!! We stayed half the time in Villa Serenity, a large house across the road from Francis Bay (and down the driveway from Iamq's Honeymoon Cottage) and half the time in a hillside villa at the Westin. Two very different "feels" and perspectives on the island. I'm waiting for photos to be printed, to jog my memory, but meanwhile, please feel free to ask any questions.

This was a multigenerational family trip--three grandchildren all under age 10, son and wife, Grandma (moi) and my sister, who has a cottage on St John. I had the fun of seeing it different ways, age-wise and "local" small world vs visitor viewpoints.

OK--for starters...

Car rental: C and C (Charley and Company) for a Ford Explorer in great condition. IMHO, four wheel drive is a must on St J for navigating some of the bumpy dirt roads without fear of scraping the bottom of the car.
We'd booked many months before with Conrad Sutton, as his prices were lowest, and i liked idea of in-town parking. I called several times, including from STT airport. Not two hours later my son arrived to get our reserved Mitsubishi Montero, but it had mysteriously disappeared due to an "emergency." However, Carmen (Conrad's very helpful daughter) sent us to C & C where we got their great Ford Explorer.
Clarice at C and C is fantastic, and I'd highly recommend them. Terry Witham, the rental agent of our villa, also likes and recommends them among several other companies. Their place is a few blocks from the main part of Cruz Bay but easy enough to walk if using their lot for parking.

I heard later that Sutton's "emergency" line was not a first. Who knows what happened? Oh well, it was a reminder to relax and get into the groove of island time and island ways.

My sister, who'd flown in from NY, always rents on St Thomas and takes the car barge to St John, has done this often and never had a problem. She rented a windowless Jeep from Budget and it was a great car for two people--exciting suspension on potholes! The only prob is you can't leave any valuables out since the sides of the car are always open. It made our few drives in the rain quite an adventure too!

As for renting on StJ vs StT, i wanted to know if there were a prob with a rental car, it could be replaced or towed locally, so wanted to rent on St John. I later heard that it depends on the rental company--just because they are on St John does not mean you'll necessarily get prompt help--another reason to get recommendations of rental car companies from local folks, rental agent, etc.)

A few favorite beaches:
Francis Bay--quiet, gorgeous, peaceful, perfect. Were there several times, each time with maybe two other people. Small parking lot at its entrance. Another way to arrive is a walk via the marked trail. The trail is "very cooll!!" per the grandkids. You walk past ruins of an old plantation house (which you're tempted to exlore, but can't due to safety precautions) and past a pond , til you get to the beach. It's about a 30 min flat walk and an easy mini-adventure.

Little Lameshur: My fav for Robinson Crusoe fantasy--sort of a rugged appearance, and no one else there. You enter it from a bumpy dirt road. A dryer area than the north shore. Clear water and good snorkeling but the beach has pebbley areas, and the shore as you enter the water had many sharp liitle rocks. If you go, suggest wearing reef shoes.

Oppenheimer/Gibney. LOVE this one.
You park in a little driveway and see an old metal fence with some missing letters, and the word "Beach" on it. Evokes first scene in "Citizen Kane"--the gates of Xanadu appearing in the mist. OK, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but the place seemed filled with friendly ghosts to me. You enter, and there is the bright yellow bldg that was a home to Robert Oppenheimer. You walk along the shore and see the Gibney family's cottages. And--not another soul on the beach. Good snorkeling (note that my defintion of good is if the kids liked it) you could stand up and snorkel.

My son's family rented a dinghy from Cruz Bay Watersports at the Westin (a great, helpful group of folks from whom to rent equipment). They took the dinghy to Hawks Nest, Oppenheimer, and Trunk Bay, and had a great time at all of these. Tuxedocat, if you're reading this, i hate to tell you, but... they saw big sea turtle !! To add insult to injury, the children spotted it first!!

I missed seeing Trunk on this trip,. After the other beaches with no one around, it seemed too crowded. St John spoils you like that!! Crowded doesn't mean Jones Beach summer-in-NY crowded, or even Waikiki crowded--just more than ten or so other folks around! My son's family went a bit later in the day and it was quiet. They loved their little adventure, approaching the beaches from the water. Based on the family's excited feedback, I HIGHLY recommend renting a dinghy, for all visitors with children!!

To be continued....

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Jul 19th, 2006, 08:26 PM
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this is so cool...bits of very helpful advice sprinkled in too

can't wait for more
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Jul 19th, 2006, 08:52 PM
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What a great start! Will wait to hear the rest and hopefully see pictures!

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Jul 19th, 2006, 10:28 PM
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Thank you, Bluefan and Christie, for motivating me to "get with it" and to continue TR. If i can figure out a way to scan pix from prints, will do so. I like photos of unusual things--like St John's signs that tell you NOT to put the toilet paper in the toilet!

OK, 'bout the bugbites...
We went armed wtih a prophylactic arsenal, from most natural to most toxic . I'd read recent Consumer Report article on efficacious mosquito repellants--imagine being the CU researcher for that )-:--which stated the highter the % DEET, the more effective a repellant. Surprise, surprise. So, armed with 100% Deet,30% DEET, 20% DEET, wipes, sprays, lotions,
Cutters, OFF!, generics, and all-naturals like Cactus Juice and Badger Bug Balm, we arrived, prepared to do battle.
Now, Badger brand balms are great, but their bug stuff has such a thick base, it felt awful on skin due to sweating beneath a greasy undercoat of Citronella oil. It may work, because it must be impossible for any bug to get a stinging grip through the thick oily base. Still, it felt so yucky, i gave it up after one try. As for Skin-So-Soft, it reminds me of walks in the rain forest at Lyon Arboretum in Manoa,Oahu (where they distribute handiwipes of it) ; I associate its scent with mosquitoes' buzz buzz buzz snd start itching after one whiff. Cactus Juice smells wonderful and feels light, but worked inconsistently. The thought of DEET invading skin pores was gross, and a few times it was left on my fingers-- ugh, the taste!! Tip: Wash hands immediately after use (like there wiil just happen to be a sink in the middle of a forest or roadside??) because if the stuff touches your lips, you'll feel like a pouting duck.
So...what's your point, Calinurse? Finally, I just bit the bullet, and resigned myself to bites. Some places were particularly infested. The Colombos smoothie stand had a lovely little place to sit with your drinks--if you wanted to be sipped by bugs as you sipped your drink.. Skinny Legs had thick juicy hamburgers--and thick juicy mosquitoes. Time of day and amount of breeze made a diffference, but often,
there seemed to be no predictability. You're better off expecting the worst. I'd read that this season it's been partcularly bad. I don't recall any prob during prev trip to St John, in Dec 2003.
Not sure what lesson there is to be learned from this obsessed discourse, except to take lots of anit-itch ointment like Benadryl, Cortisone, Cactus Juice gel, After-Bite eraser (but not AFTER you've scratched at the bite, or the ammonia will sting like crazy). All of these helped a lot, AFTER the fact. And within a day of returning home, the itching stopped. I look back on the bug thing as a small price to pay for time in Paradise.

As for noseeums...invisible they may be, but you sure as heck dofeelums.
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Jul 20th, 2006, 02:07 AM
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You are hilarious! I love the little *phrase* you have for noseeums!
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Jul 20th, 2006, 05:17 AM
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My husband misspoke, and called them "noseemes". (I wish, lol!)
Calinurse, we are enjoying reading your report, thanks for writing.
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Jul 20th, 2006, 06:13 AM
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We used Sawyers time release/low absorbtion formula (22% Deet). It worked great and I can highly recommend it. It does not have the "deety" smell and feel to it. I had read somewhere here that ammonia worked great at taking the sting and itch away of bites. It worked great, better than any of the anti-itch creams we brought!

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Jul 20th, 2006, 11:11 AM
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Bill: Is that Sawyer's formula available in most stores? I've never heard of it. Have never been much bothered by bugs in any of our Caribbean trips, but we'll be in the Canadian Rockies this September and I hear mosquitoes can be pretty bad. Thanks.
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Jul 20th, 2006, 11:44 AM
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Oh, man, did I ever experience the noseeum's in Nevis and St. Martin. I did find a roll on type of stuff called....Mosquito Milk Repellent, which I did not discover until SXM. It says Tropical Version on it. Great stuff. All I found in Nevis was the typical products that one can get at home. If you can find this, it is a dream!!!!!!!
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Jul 20th, 2006, 12:18 PM
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We bought it at REI.
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Jul 20th, 2006, 01:03 PM
Original Poster
Join Date: May 2004
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Darn Bill, sounds like the product that’s best was the one we didn't take! Typical.Thanks for recommendation of Sawyer's. Did you use full strength ammonia or Windex spray? Did those work better than the anit-itch “pen” stick? (More reserarch for next trip...which, in midst of postt-rip blues, am already planning.) Next time I’ll try apply ammonia BEFORE scratching off several layers of skin.
Incidentally, there’s a shop at Mongoose Jct called The Body Deli which sells an all-natural fragrant-to-humans-but-not-bugs lotion that some folks swear by. I encountered it toward end of trip and by that time was so resigned to bugbites that I decided to wait ‘til next trip to try it.

Universal question on travel forums: cash, credit card, debit card, travelers checks?
Last time on StJ stayed at Westin, with its lobby’s always-functioning ATM. So, figured, no need to carry much cash; easy to get it on island. If not, there's Mastercard. Or, go to grocery store and get "cash over" as at local Safeway and Longs.
Example: Head for breakfast to Coral Bay. Donkey Diner (GREAT, GREAT place, in every way,...more on that later) has sign which states, "Cash only. ATMS at Lily's Market and Love City Market." Luckily we had enough cash to cover the meal...barely. So after a wonderful bkfast, to Love City Mkt, whose ATM had a dusty blank screen and looked abandoned like a 1970s TV at a garage sale. I asked when it would be fixed. “Oh, we been waitng for the man to come for over a month.”
On to Lily’s, where ATM had just broken. Owner wasn’t sure how long it woud take to work. Next stop-- Mongoose Jct. in Cruz Bay, where we were headed anyway. First, stop for the wonderful iced lattes at Deli Grotto. (Bliss on a hot day.) Upstairs, ATM by Holiday Homes Real Estate office. Surely ATM next to a window filled with tempting images of multimillion dollar homes will be filled with readily accessible cold hard cash? But sign on this ATM stated something like, “ If machine doesn’t dispense cash, contact your bank.” Pass. On to The Marketplace. ATM at Starfish Mkt has sign “Awaiting authoriztion from the USVI” I’m thinking "Isnt THIS the USVI?" A local friend laughed and said, “That sign’s been there forever.”
Upstairs to a proper bank ATM. But ScotiaBank’s machine tells me, twice, that I’ve entered the wrong PIN number. Well, figuring third time it’d swallow the card, we took off for the the trusty Westin lobby ATM. Eureka!! True, the machine dispenses cash a bit more slowly than what I’m used to --don't expect the $20’s to leap out at you after only 5 seconds--more like 30. Even ATMs are on island time (Someone told me it’s the info being transferred to and from the mainland via suboceanic cable. Hmmm. Does that sound right????)
Incidentally, groceries do take “check cards” but as credit, not the debit thing where you put in your PIN and get “cash over.” We didn’t try First Bank’s ATM in Cruz Bay, and as that is one of the main banks there, it may be a good option.

Aso, I didn’t anticipate there’d be as many places that will not take credit cards--some of the restaurants, and the sail we booked (had to scramble for $500 in cash). However, some places DO take personal checks, which I’d left at home.
So, from this experience, I’d suggest being prepared for a variety of options, and stocking up on cash when you see a functional ATM.

WATER: Arriving parched after long travel day to Villa Serenity, I fill plastic water bottle and drink. I’d seen description on Villa S website saying it has a water purification system, for good drinking water.
OOPS! I didn’t realize the purified water came from a different spigot--’til too late. Had mild 24 hour version of "Turista” Take heed-if you are staying in a house, as opposed to resort (which have their own H2O purification, desalinization systems). Emergency visits to public restrooms (the one behind Dolphin Market stands out for the wrong reasons) are NOT the kind of local St John color you want to remember.

The water system in St John homes is via cistern. Some of the locals prefer drinking that, but they’ve developed life-long immunity to the various microscopic creatures.
Ascertain if the water at a villa you rent is potable or if you’re better off with those omnipresently sold jugs of purified water.
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Jul 20th, 2006, 01:53 PM
Original Poster
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Maggi, LOL indeed! took me awhile to get "no see me." Sorry, my brain's still on island time.
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Jul 20th, 2006, 02:33 PM
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I will never drink the water from a cistern again...even if someone says that it is filtered.My husband and I picked up Giardia somewhere while in St John in June 05.It is horrible and takes weeks to feel back to normal again.

We did not drink any cistern water on our trip in Sept 05 and we did not get sick.

Trust me...anyone traveling to STJ..only drink bottled water.

The ATM at First Bank took my husband's card on a Friday Night.:0

We only had about $40 cash on us and were told that we had to wait until MONDAY to get our card back.

Saturday afternoon we were sitting at the Quiet Mon talking with who we did not know at the time was the owner Kelly.We told her what had happened.She then introduced herself and that she is the owner of the bar.Then my husband started talking with her about a guy that he does work for back home who also owns a house on STJ and said that he knows her.She then said that she would let us write a check for some cash to last until Monday.(she only did this because of the guy that they both know).What a lifesaver she was!

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Jul 20th, 2006, 06:26 PM
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Taking a Super B Complex EVERY DAY beginning 6 weeks or so before your trip helps immensely in repelling the sand fleas and "mosquitos". They aren't the big, fat, slow mosquitos places like Minnesota have, but fast moving, quick hitting, little buggers. The B12, I B-lieve, is the vitamin that effectively repels.
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Jul 21st, 2006, 12:10 PM
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CaribbeanSoul--thanks for rec of B vitamins. Maybe they'll help with pre-trip packing stress too!
Christiegr, some story about the cash!!
So St John: Not just the ATM malfunction, but the helpful, small-world rescue story. Love that about this island!!!

OK...on to FOOD
DIL packed big cooler of stuff the kids would predictably eat: macaroni/cheese, pasta, peanut butter, jelly, 12 loaves of bread. Very andy, not just for the kids, but for adults. Amazing how good comfort-food pbj tastes on a beach after a swim.

Donkey Diner in CoraL Bay for bkfast. YES YES YES!! Great food, friendly relaxed people.There's a sign there,s'thing to the effect of "Our guarantee: breakfast served by sunset" (another whimsical wonderful St John sign) but food came almost immediately. The omelets and pancakes were great; both eating areas -- outside in back, or inside , were cooled by breezes.

MAHO CAMP'S RESTAURANT-convenient for us, just a few minutes' drive from Villa Serenity. Breakfast fine--you stand on line, orfer, then pick up. You clean up after yourself and stack dishes in basins of soapy water-- like kids' camp!! The most laid-back travelers on the island-- all seemed to be in a happy trance. (Not that it's unusual on StJ). Highlight is the setting--WOW!! On covered deck with fantastic island/sea view.
Dinner-ate there for "Italian night. " Food was good, not great, but again--the setting!! And, one of the most FUN activities--after dinner you can walk down to the glass-blowing area.. The kids were fascinated by this--in fact, everyone watching was completely absorbed by this process, in which recycled bottles are turned into beautiful pieces, before your eyes. Finished products are sold in the gift ship next to the eating area. Even more notable, because St John does not have a recycling program!!! Another surprise there (the island holds many) No one is happy about it, but answer is the usual "it's coming"-- no one knows when.
There are also outdoor movies after dinner,
Maho is a special place--see it while you can!!! Mr Selengut's lease ended, and sadly, this area will be developed into something quite different before long.

VIE's Snack Shack--LOVE it here- no garlic chicken now (not enough traffic off-season, per Vie) but delicious conch fritters. Wonderful setting. Will try to go to her beach next time too.
Vie is lovely (I mean her personality--but she was Miss St John in another life) A relaxed, gorgeous,family place--her 2 yr old grandson was there, enjoying visitors .His clearest words were names of fish on the snorkeling guide card. This is a MUST-DO if only to see that gorgeous quiet, end of the island.

WESTIN'S MANGO DELI . Tuna salad --excellent!! Other yummy mixed salads. Didn't try the coffee drinks there, because...

DELI GROTTO in Mongoose Jct--Wonderful espresso drinks. Iced lattes, mochas, etc, PLUS delicious sandwiches and other food. They do breakfast to, tho didnt try them.

The food stand by the WESTIN pool--great thick burgers!!!!

BEACH CAFE/RESTAURANT at WESTIN-- Delicious food!!! I had cioppino, and all 7 of us were happy with selections. They have live music at dinner, the bay breeze is cooling thru the open air building, and seeing the gas torches lit along the beach broght a little of Hawaii to St John

JOE'S DINER in Cruz Bay
Inexpensive burgers, fried, etc. The kids were happy with it!! Pates were ok -- dough a bit soggy but filling delicoius. if that is the only place you can find them, try 'em! Hercules up the hill also has them, when he's open. ( I was lucky to have some homemade ones made by a local friend. Ahhhhhh!)

JOE'S BBQ The best ribs ever!! Thick chunks of meat just about falls off the bone. Great BBQ chicken too.

SHIPWRECK LANDING-- water just across the road, lovely setting. Delicious food (lunch) and drinks. I had fajitas--Yum

Skinny Legs--Thick juicy burgers, a fun busy local place. Unfortuantely, lots of flies and noseeums the evening we were there.
AQUA BISTRO--also for lunch, good sandwiches, lovely sea-breezy setting across from the water. Their place in back does desserts-- on to-try list for next time.

RONNIE'S PIZZA Cruz Bay (up the hill a bit, next to Dolphin Mkt).
Good thin crust pizza. This ex-NY'er loved it!! The veggie with artichokes was delicious!!

So many eateries we didn't get to. That's ok--more wannado places for next time. Sadly leaving the Westin, saying I hated to go, one of the ever friendly and helpful folks out front said, "But Ii you don't go, you can't look forward to coming back! See you next year!!"
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Jul 23rd, 2006, 03:17 PM
Original Poster
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Again, with family viewpoint:

Quiet, name fits -- one of only 3 homes on its driveway/ road (the other two were uninhabited when we were there). 7 minute walk to beautiful Francis Bay. Rental agent is Terry Witham. Web site photos do not do it justice. Huge whitewashed deck and gorgeous views of Mary Creek, not a "creek" but more like a cove, and one of St John's "hurricane holes" in which boats gather before storm warnings.
We wanted a place comfortable for little kids--e.g. no perfect designer furniture--and this large home was it!! Two bedrooms downstairs are more child--appropriate: very basic rooms, requiring AC (no cross ventilation, as only one wall on this level has windows and doors off the deck). Upstairs bedrooms were lovely; one in particular very large, with stone-walled shower. I never needed ac in this one, due to constant breezes . EVERY room in the house has an airconditioner, which is great on a humid day. We didn't use the ones in the living room area--breeze from the water, and ceiling fans, did the trick.
Terry's great to work with: fun, friendly, informative about the island, both pre-trip and in person. The children loved her stories, and, city-raised, were enchanted by the remote country feel of Villa Serenity.

Second time staying there--my intro to St John a few yrs ago. I liked it then and it was even better this time!!!! Service was OUTSTANDING!! The many employees encountered were (with only one minor exception) profestional, friendly, seemed genuinely concerned and desirous of making certain guests are having a great time. The "service express" worked well. Ex : I asked at lobby if there are postcard of the property. There were none available at front desk, but the man there said he'd check the store room. Not an hour later, a packet of cards was delivered directly to our unit, with a follow up phone call from front desk asking if they'd arrived, and if there was any more they could to.
For kids, this was PARADISE: omnipresent iguanas, and their daily feeding (don't miss it!!) available daily activities (eg bobbing for soda in the pool) the outdoor at- the-pool movies with kids' themed films (they even put matts out in front of the screen, if the little ones want to doze offt) he big pool with smaller toddlers' area, t golf cart rides when needed,. By our hillside unit (two story with two bedrooms) there was l pool with gas grills as well, which reminded me of a hillside terrace in Italy, a great place for evening meal as sun sets and lights of nearby homes came on .
At Cruz Bay Watersports, on-site, renting dinghies, (or the included-wtih-hotel pedal boats) were major fun adventures.
Food and drinks at both poolside and in the Beach Cafe restaurant were delicious. They serve a bucketful of mixed rums drink, delicious bushwalkers and St John iced tea.

Physically, it's a lovely resort. The gounds are gorgeous. I think they do a great job and can imagine many challenges there. I have to admit, after the need to take trash to a dumpster (there is notdoor to door garbage pickup on St John) froma villa, it was nice to have frequent trash pick up, or be able to drink water direct from tap without need for bottled water (they have their own de-salinatoin water purifying system).
We, and our kids, had the best of both worlds. I LOVE the local feel of Coral Bay, and Haulover, trhe more remote feel out there. But i loved the resort too!!
for anyone staying at the resort, try to rent a car on-site for a day or two, get out and see the beaches, the other side of the island. the Westin is great, but of course, a different feel from the rest of St John.
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Jul 23rd, 2006, 03:39 PM
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Hey! great thread!

My wife and I have known Terry Witham and her former husband many years ago even when she was in Rockland Maine.

We have even stayed at Villa Serenity ...before we moved to st john 10 years ago...

I find all the helpful suggestiosn right on target except for C&C car rental. I would really use St. John Car Rental instead.

and i agree with this too:
The Body Deli which sells an all-natural fragrant-to-humans-but-not-bugs lotion that some folks swear by.

eat at shipwreck landing, island blues or miss lucy's in coral bay..

as far as accommodations in coral bay other than villa serenity --i would check out windspree villas at www.windspree.com

cruz bay use viva villas at www.vivacations.com

or hillcrest guest house at

Gallows Pojnt Resort villas at
units 1 thru 8

and the cottages at cinnamon bay at www.cinnamonbay.com

long term rentals use st john properties at www.stjohn properties.com

For lifestyle and cultural info check out


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Jul 23rd, 2006, 04:21 PM
Original Poster
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Hi Publisher, thanks for the feedback!! I've been enjoying, and learning lots from from, your postings!! Always great to get ideas for thenext trip.
Are you by any chance the "publisher" of the "Virgin Voices" site? it's filled with great info.Thanks for your list of websites.

Too cool about you knowing Terry and having stayed in V. Serenity. One of the things i LOVE about St J is its "it's a small world " feel. That shouldn't be surprising on an island with ony 5,000 full- time residents, but is still delighful. How many people know each other, know good stories about other people etc. Great fun.
(Publisher--a bit off topic--apologies for digressing-- do you by chance also know Dave and Pat who stay in cottage on Bordeaux Mt, know Terry W. well, and who used to work at Maho??)

Re: rental cars, for hose wondering about the best, Terry Witham also highly recommends St John Car Rental to villa renters, and we found her recommendatins right-on. We had booked with Conrad to save $ (another lesson in a few $ saved NOT being a good reason for a choice) then had the "no car' incident, described above. So for us, Clarice at C and C finding a last minute large enough SUV was a godsend, and she was polite and fun to work with.

For visitors, talking to local folks is one of the best parts of St J. We found nearly everyone open to talking, sharing stories.Even for those who may not greet you (cultural difference) with an automatic smile, after a few words and interest, it's like you're old friends.
This happened everywhere, and is also one of the things i love about the Westin. When employees gave a hug and said "hope to see you next year!" I honestly think it was NOT just a line.

We drove to Cruz Bay after a yummy July 4th themed bkfst at Maho. The parade was scheduled to start at 11:00 so we got there at 10:30 to insure in-town parking, a good viewing place close to air conditioned place for food, and bathroom--Mongoose Jct steps fit the bill. Well, as of 11:30, no sign of parade imminently starting, except some casual linign up of floats and cars.
Arriving "on time"?? WHAT WERE WE THINKING? Finally, at about 12:30 pm Carnival Parade started. We saw the child and teen royalty, the kids baton performances, the "middle-aged matrons "performance the African dancers. We got free Caneel Bay 50th anniv caps(there was a huge cake on their float) great island vibes and music, memories of the small-town Fourth of July parades i haven't seen in yrs. But the kids had enough after waiting for an hour, and sitting in the heat--they restlessly rebelled, so we left, on to a cooling swim at a north shore beach.

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Jul 23rd, 2006, 04:29 PM
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No i'm not the publisher of virgin voice.

Maura Curley is

Your posts are great too!

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Jul 26th, 2006, 02:11 PM
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Sounds like it was a great trip--you should write for Consumer Reports!
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