Cozumel...Where do I stay???

Old Mar 1st, 1997, 01:00 PM
E. Dahlvig
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Cozumel...Where do I stay???


I am going to Cozumel this spring and I was wondering if anyone knows a good hotel/condo that would take 3 adults (40, 36, and 15) and 2 kids (9 and 7). We currently have reservations at the El Cozumeleno but are unsure if we want to stay there. Any suggestions?


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Don't know if an all inclusive fits into your plans but the Diamond Resort was SO much fun when we were there 2 years ago. You stay in casitas and perhaps that would fit into your group...many activities going on all day and night. The beach party was TOO MUCH (toga party) but there are also things for the younger age bracket.
Old Mar 21st, 1997, 01:12 PM
Jennifer Nolin
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My husband and I stayed at the Crown Princess last August and had an absolute blast -- there's a kid's pool and play area by the main pool and nightly shows and beach parties. I would highly recommend it -- we can't wait to go back! Plus -- beach bar/grill and pool lunch has pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries etc. everyday for kids.

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bob mugge
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I have been twice to Cozumel, Great Place, although what a 5 star hotel-facility is, is not the same as Cancun 5 stars. Time shares are taking the place over, as most all the condo's etc are selling time shares. So beware. We stayed at the Melia Maya Paridisus last May, and were somewhat disappointed. We feel like now you should stay fairly close to town. and eat,drink etc.. in town. The farther from town, the higher the prices for food drink, etc. I understand most all the places are clean, decent, and safe. The diving, snorkeling, fishing, are tremendous. Have a great time.

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Whatever you do, DON'T stay at the Melia Myan Paradisus. We had reservations to stay there for two days. When we went to check in, the Front Desk Manager told us that the hotel was having some electrical problems due to a transformer being down. He told us that we would be staying at the hotel next door. When we got to the other hotel, it was very quiet. We had expected to see many other people from the Paradisus due to the "power outage". Then, the manager asked us why we were there. Seems he knew nothing of a power outage at the Paradisus. Well, we went back to the Paradisus and to make a long story short, it turns out that the guy had lied to us. There was no power outage, the hotel had overbooked and our Travel Agency had low priority so we were bumped. Our confirmation number meant nothing, which is kind of scary. We are trying to get our money back, because the hotel that we had to stay at was of a significantly lower quality level. Not only that, but the guy, we'll call him Senor Liar told us that the other hotel was a short walk to the Paradisus. Wrong. It was a 15 minute walk, and it was a walk that would was not doable after dark. Therefore, we missed out on all of the nights activies. We left on the first plane out, so I can't tell you too much about the facilies, we did eat one meal there and it was awful. I got the impression that making guests happy was not their main priority. We met a couple as we were leaving who were staying at the Diamond, and they said it was a lot of fun. In fact, they were repeat guest.
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We stayed at El Cozumeleno in 1992, but thats before it went all-inclusive. We thought is was nice, ie: cheap,large rooms and all rooms face the ocean.
Unless they've added a LOT, I doubt it would be like a real all-incl. with several restaurants, pools, bars, shops, etc. It's so much fun going into town and there are many cheap places to eat.
Wherever you stay, there should be great snorkeling right off the hotel. The visibility was excellent!
Have a great trip.
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I must say, the Diamond Resort is a great place. My husband and I stayed there about 2 years ago and we have a wonderful time. The atmosphere is great, the staff is wonderful and the food and accommodation is good too. We had a lot of fun while we were there - there were tons of activities and things to do - not a minute went by that we were bored - impossible. We also rented a car while we were there and drove around the island (that takes all of about 1 hour) - it is a very wonderful little island though - very beautiful. If you get a chance to go out and enjoy some fun off the resort where you decide to stay, I have to highly recommend "Carlos & Charlies" - it's a bar on the main street in town - the place has a lot of heart. You'll have a great time. I hope you enjoy your stay there - HAVE A GREAT TRIP!

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