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jean Jan 1st, 1998 06:52 AM

cozumel resturants
Looking for a nice dinner in Cozumel, any suggestions????

Sue Jan 3rd, 1998 03:47 PM

I am replying to your question from the information I received. We are going to Cozumel in a week and the info I received was "El Moro" is a Cozumel must for a restaurant. Closed on Thursdays. I guess you need to take a taxi because it is hard to find. (75 Bis Norte No. 124 entre 2 y 4) this is the address!! They are supposed to have the best grilled seafood. ($20 for two people) For a more "fine dining" experience, I also heard that the "Arrecife" in the Stouffer Presidente is great. Much more expensive though. Good luck!

Doug Andrews Jan 4th, 1998 11:50 AM

I would like to suggest Pancho's Back Yard. It will require a taxi from the square or the International dock.Usually the taxis are by the load so you can share.The food is great and the margaritas are "prescription".We were there a year ago so I would be anxious to hear if Pancho's is still good if you decide to try it,as we plan to return soon. Happy trip.Doug

Doug Jan 8th, 1998 06:32 AM

Try La Chosa, it is just off the main square downtown. We ate there in march, it was great. They serve local Mayan food. We also had some Mariachi(sp) music from two locals it was fun.

gail Jan 20th, 1998 07:33 PM

Our favorite resturant in Cozumel (my husband and I have been to Cozumel 6 times) is Karens Pizza.
(Dont let the name fool you )
It is off the main square north of Morgans.
It is open air and has a great band.
The food is good and reasonable. Say Hi to

Debbie Feb 3rd, 1998 10:19 PM

In January I traveled to Cozumel with seasoned veterans who have been there 10-12 times. They insisted we eat at "Pasta Prima", name now changed to just "Prima" and it was awesome! The absolute best of our whole stay, and $8-$12 for a great meal. We also went to "El Moro": a neat dining experience and worth the trip to find it. Also ate at La Chosa, that was very good too. We found you could eat cheap at any restaurant if need be, and the food is great. Ask the minstrels to sing "the Cozumel song": it will stay with you long after you leave!

LAURA Feb 7th, 1998 06:05 PM

I can highly recommend Pepe's Grill, which is right on the waterfront, with big windows with great views (upstairs is the best place to sit). The food was excellent, and they have a great strolling mariachi band (they sang happy birthday to me!). Price wise its at the upper end of Cozumel restaraunts, but the atmosphere is a bit more upscale too. Nice for a special evening out. Service was superb!

Doug Feb 13th, 1998 09:23 AM

We went to El Moro, took a taxi($1.50us) from the ferry pier. The food was very good, we each had a different type of mexican chicken dish and 2 Dos XX. There was way more food than we should have eaten and only $13.50US including tip.

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