Cozumel next week! Please tell me what to do!!

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Cozumel next week! Please tell me what to do!!

I am going to Cozumel next week with my husband and 8 year old daughter. I have traveled alot in the Carribean but have never been to Mexico. We are staying at the Paradisus. Any advice on what to do would be great. My daughter wants to do the dolphin swim, but I have mixed feelings about supporting their captivity, it's just hard to say no to the only thing she has asked to do. If we do decide to do it, which place is best? We do not dive but love to snorkle. Also how bad is the water now. Is e-coli still such a problem as it used to be? I don't hear much about it anymore. Any advice anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.
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Skip the dolphin experience just plain cruel. Lots of good snorkeling experiences or for your daughter try snuba through papa hogs dive shop. Try travelnotes for lots of info. Cozumel is wonderful rent a car tour the east side the views are spectacular. Dzulha for excellant snorkeling from shore. anything else write me. peace rita
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At many times in a parent's life there are opportunities for teachable moments as you pass on your values and beliefs to your child. Only you can decide if you will allow your child to engage in any activity. If you are even considering supporting an Abusement Park financially rather than teaching your daughter respect for the other occupants of this earth shows that you have already made up your mind to indulge her! I hope you weren't looking for support with glowing posts about the experience to justify the captivity and abuse of dolphins!! And even better, I hope there are none and that tourists everywhere stop this turning of another creature into an amusement park ride!
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You don't have to participate in the Dolphin swim to see them. Go to Chankanaab Park, it is a national park. They charge admission, I forget what it is, but it's about $7-10pp. It has a lovely beach with a limestone shelf that has steps to get into the clear blue water. It has great snorkeling. There is a restaurant and several little bars. There are little palapas (shade) on the beach so you don't burn. There are dive shops if you want to dive. This is where the dolphin swim is located, but you can see the dolphins and the people swimming with them without having to pay the $100 some odd dollars. They also have a sea lion show, but I did not go into it. These are all relatively new additions. Iwas there in March of 2000 and then returned last January and there was alot of new stuff.

I don't know what e.coli problems you are speaking of, but I have been to Cozumel 6 times and have not had a problem. It does not have the same water problems that mainland Mexico has. However, take some Pepto or Immodium with you. Just the change of food could cause some upset stomachs.

Your family should have a wonderful time. Cozumel is very laid back and quiet (unless you go to Carlos n' Charlies!). We love to go. I have been all over Mexico and the Caribbean and I never tire of going to Cozumel. Have fun!
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To anonymous, I hope your better-than-thou attitude doesn't cause the initial poster to go ahead with the dolphin swim. This was the perfect opporutunity to talk about an issue I also feel deeply about but you attitude is what causes most people to not listen.
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Hi: Your initial posting asked what you should do in Cozumel and here are a few suggestions. Rent a car and go to the other side of the is ruggedly beautiful. There are some ruins to see (more like ruins of ruins) but still it was a good experience. There are some beautiful beach clubs to visit Playa San Francisco ect.. Lots of places to snorkel just off the side of the road. Go in the even to the main square it is very pretty (we even saw a Wedding ). we liked Panchos back yard for dinner it was really like being at someones Hacienda. Have a great holiday!!Karen
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Cozumel is a wonderful place to visit. One thing I highly recommend is that you rent a car for a day and drive around the island stopping at beaches that take your fancy. Make sure you have a drink at Bob Marley's (and swing in a hammock on the beach there) and order grilled shrimp and a margarita at Mescalito's (sp?). If you check out you will find lots of reports on restaurants, things to do, hotels, etc.

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