Cozumel Lighthouse


Jan 20th, 1998, 01:46 PM
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Cozumel Lighthouse

I want to go to Punta Molas Lighhouse. It is the most northern one on Cozumel. I understand that it is practically impossible to get to. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. I was in Cozumel last year and I'm going again in a few weeks. Thanx in advance. John.
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Jan 20th, 1998, 06:57 PM
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John - I have been to Cozumel 6 times. I have
have never been to the lighthouse on the
northern end of the Island. However we
started for it, on a trip in about 94. We were in
a jeep. The road got very rough. Then it started
to rain, so we headed back. I would love to
try again. I will be going to Cozumel again in May of this year. Please let me know if you make it
and if it is worth it.

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