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GoingInDec Jul 16th, 2007 02:54 PM

Cove Atlantis
I am looking for a trip report from someone that has gone and stayed at the new Cove Atlantis resort. I would like to know about service, proximity to activities, privacy of exclusive beaches, etc. Any information will be helpful, thanks.

blamona Jul 16th, 2007 03:54 PM

I'm staying in 3rd week of August-ask again, I'll be happy to tell! 8-)

wyatt92 Jul 16th, 2007 05:11 PM

This month's Town & Country magazine had an article on this resort. The writer stayed there so it was a trip report of sorts. It sounds fabulous!

Leslee Jul 17th, 2007 11:18 PM

We just returned so thought I'd give you some feedback.
My husband was part of a meeting at Atlantis so I joined. We did not bring any kids so we chose to stay at the Cove. Overall, I would say we were happy with this decision. That said, if you've read many posts about Atlantis, you have an idea of what to expect.
The main word I would use to describe our experience is "random". Sometimes the service was good, sometimes awful. Sometimes the room was cleaned; sometimes not. Sometimes there were towels; sometimes not. Sometimes the food was good; other times not...
We really liked our room - just make sure you are not facing the construction. We were floor 17 room 826 which was nice.
As for proximity to have the Cove pools - we stayed at the adult pool (Cain) most of the time. You are near the new lazy river and you have a short walk (~10 minutes) to the slides. They offer shuttles to the other hotels/areas if you don't want to walk.
The casino is in the Royal Towers (~10 min. walk). This is also where the aquarium and most of the shopping is found.
I'm not sure what you mean by "privacy of exclusive beaches" so no help there. We spent some time on the beach which is very nice with beautiful, clear water.
I'll apologize in advance - we are on the go regularly so I'm irregular in my fodors visits/posts. I'll try to check back for any further questions.
FYI - we dined at Mesa which was very good and Dune (sister resort)which was great. I would highly rec. Dune for dinner. Expensive, yes- but everything on Atlantis is crazy expensive.

dawnnoelm Jul 24th, 2007 08:50 PM

My dh and I just returned from Atlantis yesterday. We stayed at the Cove. I cannot say enough about it. I read that someone had hit or miss service. We did not experience that at all.

We were traveling with my Dad and his wife and the difference might have been that he was an invited guest of the casino but everything was incredible.

Well, almost everything - the Adult pool was a bit much for me. Last weekend was their "opening" of the Cain pool. I know it was open before as my Dad was there a few months ago - but it must have been their grand opening. It got a little crazy for our taste. We are 39 and 50. Topless women, even one playing at their gaming table by the pool. Crude imo.

We had a cabana poolside on two of the days - it was great - the nicest cabana I have ever been in. Dh liked it as he got to watch the British Open while sitting by the pool/ocean. One side opens to the ocean and one to the pool.

Not sure about the "private" beach - it was very quiet on the beach so perhaps it is more private then at the other areas of Atlantis.

We also dined at Mesa and it was excellent - we went into town and dined at the Greycliff one night and that was amazing - and the Bahimian Club was excellent as well. All the food was expensive - pool side and in the resturants.

The 22 floor has a club which you can have breakfast/cocktails at - it is one of the nicest "hospitality" clubs I have been to.

Dh worked out - said the facilities were very nice and got a massage which he said was"okay".

There are shuttle buses to each of the other towers that you really never have to wait more then 5 minutes (tops) for.

You can walk very easily to the lazy river/water slides.

Hope that helps. It is a completely different feel then the other properties as far as the rooms/decor go from what I could tell by exploring a little.

GoingInDec Jul 30th, 2007 03:47 PM

Leslee / Dawn
Thank you both for your insight. Both were helpful. I just booked my December trip and are staying on the club floor at the Cove. I will call them to ensure that I am not facing the construction.
Thanks again.

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