Cost of Food in Turks?

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Oh my, you are much more laid back and ready to have a good time on vacation than I am when I go.
I always have everything packed weeks before I am to leave because I am so excited to be going and want to have everything planned out to within an inch of my life, but I think it's more fun when you can spend time thinking about what a great time you are going to have than packing!
If you have not been to Provo before, you are in for a big treat!
I have never seen such a stunning stretch of beach anywhere as Grace Bay, and there are some really neat off-the-beaten path things to do and see.
Plus, since it's off-season, you will have a lot of those things all to yourself.
I love local food, and we really enjoyed Bugaloo's, Mackie's, Where It's At and Smokey's.
If you're at all into art, there is a great young local artist there named Philip Outten. You will see a sign along the road there close to the IGA for "local artist."
If you go down the little road, his gallery is in his house and he is quite talented. We bought three pieces from him during our Oct. '02 trip and have them proudly hanging in our bedroom and living room.
He studied in Florida for a time, and has some really neat local scence pictures that remind us of our visit. His prices are reasonable, and he is a neat guy.
Have a great time, and be sure to post a trip report for eveyone when you return.
P.S. A drink or two and a good book or magazine always make the flying easy for me!

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Hi Diana,

This is actually our second trip to Provo. I went last year and instantly fell in love. The beach is quite honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning.

Thanks for the tips and ideas you posted. We stayed AI last year but did go to a few restaurants. We are staying at the Sands this year so will try a lot more.

I have a book ready to go...I have actually had to sit on my hands so I wouldn't start reading it before the plane! I love to read and my obsessive compulsive disorder kicks in and I read and read and read and before you know it, the book is done and its only a few hours later!

I also have a bottle of Ativan which will come in handy!! LOL Seriously, though, last year when we went, it was the first time I had flown in many years. I talked to my doctor and she gave me the Ativan, told me to take 2 mgs when I stepped into the plane and 1 mg when we took off. Well, put it this way, I could have cared less if we crashed! La la land, let me tell ya!

It wasn't fun being spaced out trying to navigate Miami international airport however. And I seriously do not look forward to doing that again!

But I am thrilled to be getting away and going to Provo. I only hope the weather hold out. There is a tropical storm brewing in the gulf of Mexico and Atlantic, but as of right now, it shouldn't head towards the islands. That would seriously SUCK.

Thanks again for your post. I will most certainly write a report when I return. I wrote a long one last year also. I say it is to help people on the internet and it is, but I also like re-living my experiences in paradise!

BTW, any news on the weather forecast for this week? I promised myself that I wouldn't even look at them, because I drove myself crazy last year!! LOL. But I am curious....

Take care!

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I think that mels post is pretty accurate for the cost of food. I was in Provo last June and found the cost of food to be in that price range. We had a junior suite at Ocean Club which included a kitchen so we had breakfast in our room and stocked the frig with water and beer. There are cheaper places to eat with less ambience. You just need to do some research. It comes down to personal preferance. As other posters have stated, I did not have one bad meal while I was there. Can't wait to go back!
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i'm one of those fools who takes a cooler to the islands. i am NOT poor. we always rent a villa and we don't want to have to deal with dressing some nights or driving someplace to eat at 8 or 9o'clock. i travel with a friend and we are both cooks and prepare and freeze alot of appetizers. and we bring steaks and burgers. it doesn't seem to tough to toss a steak on the grill and toss a salad. last time we froze some chocolate chip cookie dough and had fresh,warm cookies and milk on the dock late at night.did you? and yes i felt you were quite condescending and yes i will continue to travel with my full size cooler.
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Sorry to those 'cooler people' but this is a site of opinions...and I just have to put my final word in on the entire situation.
I find it plain crazy to be lugging a freakn' cooler on vacation.
A small one to bring beers/soft drinks to the beach (cheap one bought, foam ones...not lugged from home)is somewhat acceptable. Having a few granola bars to snack on in the room...but to be taking hamburgers, hotdogs and cookies on vacation?? Puzzles me!!!
No - I did not have your cookies on vacation, and honestly did not miss them, cookies & milk can be had at home. Sorry to offend, but vacations are to live out of the norm.
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No, I did not bake cookies on vacation when I was in TCI. (Nor did I have any desire to.)
No, I did not have to explain to airport security that I had weenies and bologna in the giant, shrink-wrapped cooler I was toting through customs.
No, I did not worry about everything going bad and spoiling when my flight was delayed.
No, I did not have to be embarassed that the cab driver could not fit my "cooler" into the trunk of his car along with all the other luggage I brought for a two week vacation.
But best of all, NO, I did not have to waste a single moment of my glorious vacation cooking or even thinking about cooking.
But. To each his/her own...
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Try Tiki hut..I got a shrimp sandwich for only 7.95! (shrimp poh boy sandwich)The food there is of great quality with hardly anyone there..
Is the sailboat next to the tiki hut still available for sale? we saw a nice one
Calico Jacks was a great restaurant too. VERY REASONABLE!!
DO NOT GO TO CAICOS CAFE! WHAT A RIPOFF (across from OCEAN CLUB WEST) 25.00 for a plate of chicken and noodles!!
I dont think so!!
we stayed at ocean club west..and had the villa...we ate breakfast in the room..and at dinner out..It was worth it!!!!!good luck to u.....
IGA IS the supermarket...
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well, one more time to truppidavies, diana and enya in particular.where do you get off trying to tell me what is acceptable behavior and what is not? i do not think it is in any way appropriate for you to call me "crazy". this site is not for arm-chair shrinks. GET A LIFE! and leave me alone. i will not call you condescending again, now i'm saying outright rude.
specifically: the cooler is on wheels, there were no weanies or bologna, as i said we take fine foods only. we rent our own vehicle so there are no cab size issues. the cooler is not shrink wrapped. no presentation is neessary at the airport.
it seems to me that you are preaching individuality,as long as people do things the way you would.
my vacation is to be what ever I want it to be. are you under the impression that every villa comes with a full time chef? they don't unless requested. but mainly why in the he.. do you care?
and one last word on this. taking a cooler has, for us, NOTHING whatsoever to do with saving $$.
you 3 need to try much harder than you have been to refrain from belittling people you know nothing about with lifestyles you clearly do not understand.
to the rest: take a cooler IF you wish, put anything in it that you want. it's your trip do what ever you like.
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