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laplaya May 23rd, 2003 05:28 AM

Cost of Food in Turks?
Does it cost $100/day for food for 2 adults and 1 child, if you eat out for dinner, but do grocery shopping on island for other meals? Also, how much are taxes for dinner bills?

bersch5 May 23rd, 2003 05:38 AM

I think it sort of depends on where you eat. We bought groceries for breakfast and chose to eat our other meals mostly at the hotels...It was a small fortune!
I don't think you should count on 100 dollars a day for lunch and dinner for three people...I'd say double it and you'd be more or less in the ballpark! You might get away with 150 if you eat at some of the more casual places like Banana Boat. We had a fabulous trip, but the food prices...including the supermarket were shocking! It is the one reason I don't think we would go there again! On a brighter note, the food was actually pretty good! Have fun!

Stephie May 23rd, 2003 06:20 AM

I think it also depends on the age of your child. My children were young enough when we went that 2 of them could either share a meal, or one of them could share mine. You CAN get away with $100/day if you want to. If you eat cereal and juice and fruit in your room for breakfast (from the grocery store) and don't buy the most expensive items on the menu every time you eat and don't have 3 drinks each at every meal (buy your own stuff and keep it in the fridge) then it's doable. Drink water with your meals. Noone says you have to order expensive drinks or even Coke or tea.

$200 a day (doubling your $100/day as suggested above) for 3 people would be ridiculous - I think that's extreme and unnecessary. Check out this website and click on Hemingways menu. We stayed at The Sands, and Hemingways is a beachside grill that serves all three meals. We ate there frequently. As you can see from the menu you can spend $25 or $8 on a dinner entree. You don't have to spend a fortune on food if you try. Enjoy!

mpmellum May 23rd, 2003 07:20 AM

Hard drinks and wine are what made ourbill excessive. If you limit umbrella drinks you will stay under the number. The Ports O' Call and Turtle Cove has some less expensive restaurants. There are specials at all of these restaurants during the week

Diana May 23rd, 2003 07:49 AM

I agree with bersch5.
It depends totally on where/what you eat.
Fine dining is a big part of our vacation, and during our two weeks on Provo, it was more than $200 per day for the two of us just about every day.
If food cost is a concern, as bersch5 mentioned, eating breakfast in can save quite a bit. And, if you eat lunch in as well, you may be able to squeak by on $100. per day.
The IGA has scrumptious croissants.

truppidavies May 23rd, 2003 09:38 AM

Me and my boyfriend just returned, and easily spent more than $100 p/day on food.
We ate late lunches and late dinners...and yes, we did have drinks with both meals. Lunches on the average were $75. and dinner was $150-$200 p/night.
We knew it was expensive before we left, and were prepared.
I am going to say this, and I hope other posters do not take it the wrong way...but, when you are on vacation, don't you just not care? I think when you are away, you should eat out every night, just like it is a Saturday night "date night" and live it up!
(BTW, food at IGA is expensive as well...we went there and were going to get stuff to "cut down the cost" but once there and started thinking about it, it was crazy to spend that kind of money to cook for yourself ON VACATION!
Live it up!

Suzsaz May 23rd, 2003 10:35 AM

The reason why I choose to stay at Beaches Resort and not a condo was the $$ food issue. Yes, it would have been cheaper for me to stay in a condo (though I would have needed a two-bedroom for a family of five...which, in my opinion is ridiculous. My kid's don't mind camping out on couches in a onebedroom, but they just won't let you do it in the Caribbean).

Anyway, I had read many posts about the cost of food and the way I figured it, I will save $$ by staying at Beaches.

When it's just a couple vacationing, then yes, maybe you can go out to dinner and order expensive everynight, as in "Saturday night date". However, when you have teenagers and they want the Shrimp or Salmon special, well, it's hard to say...."why don't you just eat the chicken fingers?" In other words, it is very, very difficult to feed a family on vacation.

Diana May 23rd, 2003 11:39 AM

I agree with truppidavies.

We choose to vacation places that we can afford to, so we can relax and have fun and not worry about something like food costs while we are there.
We research all costs before we leave all the way down to activities, so that we will not get any nasty surprises.

We stayed in a condo with cooking facilities, but why do I want to spend time I could be out looking at the gorgeous ocean doing something I HAVE to do almost 365 days a year?

truppidavies, you really would have been puzzled at a post a few months ago from some people who already had and some people who were going to take a cooler full of food on dry ice along with them to Provo! I just stayed completely out of the conversation! :)

Can you imagine schlepping a 50 pound cooler through security and along with you on your holiday? :?

mels May 25th, 2003 06:17 AM

We were in Provo in April and ate every meal out just the two of us.
The cost approx $175.00 per day. we bought beer & wine for the room and at times we brought a beer from the room to the beach. Had our own happy hour on the balcony. The food in Provo was very good and really not that much more than I would pay at home. The drinks are a little pricey for the quality of some wines but your on vacation. Dinner for two with 2 glasses of wine per person no desert was approx $ 100.00 to $120.00 Lunch 1 drink per person $35.00 and Breakfast $25.00.
I do not go on vacation expecting to get a bargin when it comes to the food & drink. There are places in Provo that are not as pricey and are alot of fun in Turtle Cove. But it all adds up.

Just go for it and enjoy !!!

truppidavies May 26th, 2003 02:46 PM

Diana, The funny thing is I read the post you are talking about with the cooler!

All I can say, is not 1 night did we have a bad meal, we might have paid a lot (by some standards) but it certaintly was worth it!

I dream of vacationing in TCI soon!

Enya May 27th, 2003 05:52 AM

Diana, I am so pleased to see I am not the only one who balked at the post by the person talking about hauling a cooler to the Turks and actually encouraging other to do so. Like you, I too decided not to say anything but really, if you have to go through all of that just to take a little vacation, personally I'd rather just stay home. Its either you can afford it or you can't. I agree entirely with Truppidavies, if you are on vacation, you might as well live it up and enjoy yourself and not have to worry about hauling food and pinching pennies. Just my humble opinion.

Suzsaz May 27th, 2003 08:16 AM

I never read the cooler post, but please consider the fact that it may have been a large family. There is a big difference in paying air/lodging/meals for just two people vs. paying say for a family of four, five or six!

To the cooler person: If that is how you can budget for a vacation to the Islands, then go for it. I'd rather be eating in Islands,then eating at my regular home.

Diana May 27th, 2003 08:49 AM

I think a good solution that would really work for people who are budget-minded when it comes to food (for whatever the reason - lots of people on the trip, etc.) would be for them to choose Caribbean destinations where the cost of food is not so high.
There are lots of places on the Caribbean coast of Mexico where the food cost is half of what TCI is.
Also, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is a good choice for an inexpensive trip.
I've been to most of the Caribbean islands, and Provo and Anguilla were sky high on food, but we knew that before we selected them.
It's all I can do to get me, my carryon and a suitcase through customs without being a wreck by the time I get somewhere. I would just not encourage someone to complicate their trip and possibly have to leave their cooler/food behind due to security concerns.

Love2Travel Jun 28th, 2003 10:46 AM

I had to jump in here.

I was one of the posters who responded to the "bring food to Provo" thread. And I say, "Why not?"

Different strokes for different folks. Don't knock other people because they have different ideas than you.

If someone chooses to bring some foods or wine with them, so what? It's legal and saves money.

As far as the poster who suggested that someone should choose an island based on the price of food, I totally disagree. If someone has a dream to visit a beautiful island and the only way they could afford to do it was to bring some things from home, why not? I say go for it!

Vacations should be as individualized as the traveler themselves. Some bring tons of money to eat every meal out every night because they can afford it, some people can't afford this and cook breakfast and/or lunch or even dinner in. Why would this fact bother you?

I fully understand that this is a public message board and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But please don't insult people who may not be as fortunate as you.

I know some people that aren't "well to do" by any means and save and save so they can eat out every day on vacation. This is fine. But other people may prefer to save money that would be spent on food for excursions, etc.

I am leaving for Provo on July 1 (YAHOO!!) and will be bringin some things from home. Will I bring a cooler full of food? No, but I am going to bring things like snacks, coffee, wine, sugar, spices, cereal, etc.

To the people who do the same, depending on the island or country you visit, bringing food is legal (obviously check what is and what isn't before you go) and you shouldn't feel ashamed or cheap for doing this. If you can do the vacation of your dreams by brining food from home, DO IT!! Don't settle for another island just because the food is cheaper!!!

TTSally Jun 29th, 2003 06:34 AM

Not only is preparing your own meals a way to save money, but it is also a preference for many travelers who simply do not enjoy eating out that much. My husband and I could afford to eat every meal out if we wanted to, but we don't want to, we don't like the hassle of going to restaurants to eat, especially in warm climates where our appetites decrease. We much prefer to prepare our own light mostly vegetarian meals and eat on our private balcony or deck. Sure, we will eat a couple dinners out, but we would hate it if we had to go someplace every night to eat.

Love2Travel Jun 29th, 2003 09:19 AM


I agree 100%.

Diana Jun 29th, 2003 10:25 AM

By suggesting other destinations where food costs are lower, I was offering an option to people who may not want to prepare meals on their own, but also do not want to "break the bank" when it comes to eating out.
I certainly did not intend to "insult" anyone by mentioning the names of places/islands they can eat less expensively, and I never said that they should, in fact, choose to go there for that reason. Again, it was offered as an option/solution.
If you can eat in Playa del Carmen for $50.00 a day, or you can eat the same quality of food in Anguilla or Provo for $150.00 a day, and you have a family (or even if you don't) that's information that some people might find useful without finding it patronizing (as you apparently did).
There are as many people who have no interest whatsoever in preparing their own meals on vacation as there are those who do, and giving people options and information is what this board is all about.

Love2Travel Jun 29th, 2003 12:55 PM

Diana,You posted the following:

"truppidavies, you really would have been puzzled at a post a few months ago from some people who already had and some people who were going to take a cooler full of food on dry ice along with them to Provo! I just stayed completely out of the conversation!

Can you imagine schlepping a 50 pound cooler through security and along with you on your holiday?"

Your first reply was insulting. Whether you meant it or not, you did insinuate that taking food to Provo was the most ridiculous thing you had ever heard of, knowing that people who have done that or plan to, would read it.

I am not going to get into a verbal confrontation with you over this, I was simply offering my suggestion to people who may have limited budgets. I wanted to show that you can go to the island of your dreams if you budget correctly and be creative.

And also, I stand by my opoinion that your "suggestion" that people should seek other islands because food is cheaper is INSULTING and ridiculous. Where there is a will there's a way.
The original poster asked for information regarding costs, not your opinion on whether or not one should take food to Provo.

Again, this is my opinion and you have yours. And it may not seem like I do, but I do respect your opinion; I just disagree with it. I do, however, think if someone chooses to bring food on vacation that you keep your opinion to yourself as to not insult the person.

People are probably reading this and saying "It's a message board. Everyone has different opinions" etc, and I am aware of that. But people who are new to traveling may read that and think to themselves that they shouldn't bring food out of embarrassment.

Okay, getting off my soap box now.

Happy travels to everyone.


Diana Jun 29th, 2003 02:46 PM

I stayed out of the conversation about schlepping a cooler to Provo because to ME, it is ridiculous, but I respected the opinion of someone who wanted to have more information about doing so, because it was not ridiculous to them.

Again, since you are quoting me, here is what I said, "I think a good solution that would really work for people who are budget-minded when it comes to food (for whatever the reason - lots of people on the trip, etc.) would be for them to choose Caribbean destinations where the cost of food is not so high."

Another very current post on the board right now is someone asking if the food on Tobago is as expensive as the food on Provo. Because I have been to both, I am confident helping that person out with that question. Obviously, there are people interested in choosing between island destinations where the cost of food is a consideration, so I stand by my opinion that people would find that information usefeul and not insulting.

I do also respect your opinion and agree that you have a valid point, so I would submit that you and I agree to disagree and part as frequent posters who have simply had an opportunity to have a discrepancy in opinon as opposed to a disagreement :D

Love2Travel Jun 29th, 2003 04:05 PM

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your post.

I am actually leaving tomorrow for Provo and I am THRILLED!!!

I started packing and am going crazy because I can't find my favorite bathing suit anywhere. This isn't good. Definitely not the way to start a vacation. GRRRRRRRR.

Bye for now and say a little prayer for me...29 years old and I still am a wimp when flying.


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