Cooper Island or Anegada, Clair Aero?

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Cooper Island or Anegada, Clair Aero?

We can't decide between Anegada and Cooper Island at Christmas time. Any input would be helpful. Which location might have the best snorkeling at that time of year?
And has anyone flown Clair Aero to Anegada? I remember seeing one post that said they would never use the airline again!??

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We flew Clair Aero last September to Anegada. When we arrived at Beef Island AIrport and tried to pay for our ticket their system was down, so they just took down our information (credit card number, name, where we were staying, etc.) and said we could pay them when we returned from Anegada. Try doing that with AMerican Airlines!

The plane is very small - sits only 8 people. My husband sat next to the pilot and loved the views. This may make some people nervous.

Arrive early because once they fill the plane, they just take off. Our departure time was 8:00 AM and we departed at 7:40 AM.

In September the currents in Loblloly Bay were too strong to do any meaningful snorkeling. There were some big coral heads, but not a lot of fish. It was desreted, though, we were the ony people on the beach.

We hired a boat with a captain for a morning snorkeling trip to the Rhone and we asked her to take us to a nice 2nd snorkeling site. SHe took us to Haulover Bay, which is technically in Cooper Island, but not accesible from the beach resort. It was fantastic snorkeling.
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Clair Aero tells you to be at the airport one hour ahead and you should do as they tell you. We have never had any problem flying with them but we follow all their instructions. We have been to Anegada twice but the weather has never been conducive to snorkeling - water too rough.
Cooper Island may be better for snorkeling.
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Ask again on this BVI website
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Hi Joan!

We went to Anegada in December 1999 and flew Clair Aero without any problem. Like others have said, we got to their counter at Beef Island Airport early. The plane is very, very small - eight seater - but it is just a hop, skip and a jump to Anegada. My husband also sat in the "co-pilot's" seat and got some great video of taking off from Beef Island and landing on Anegada.

We did not find the snorkeling fantastic - compared to other places we have been - but the fact that the island is home to a couple of hundred people and very, very few tourists makes up for that. On numerous occasions we were the only people on the beaches. We had the hotel (Anegada Reef Hotel) pack picnic lunches for us and we disappeared for hours on end. Not a word of a lie, we found one little beach and were there for six hours, and never saw another person. We went back there several times. It was at this little beach that we found the best snorkeling. Saw a huge turtle, barracuda, colorful fish.

Loblolly, Flash of Beauty and Cow Wreck beaches are beautiful, but it is the little ones that you just stumble upon that make Anegada one of our favorite places.

Good luck in choosing!
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We have been to both islands a number of years ago. Anegada is the only coral island in the BVI and we felt that it had superior snorkeling from the shore for that reason compared to Cooper. On Anegada we are only familiar with the area around Loblolly Bay. Snorkeling is off of the shore rocks at Cooper and you need to go to the left end looking at the water and around the off shore rock to see much. Cooper is cozier and has more people around as compared to Anegada. We plan to stay at the house at Loblolly bay one of these days. Cooper is one of the best values in the BVI based on our tastes. We always have gone to the BVI at the May through August period when the water temperature is the warmest. I don't know what it is like snorkling during December.
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Thank you all for your good info. and advice.
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