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Marie Oct 12th, 2000 07:45 AM

College Spring Break
My daughter and 7 friends are headed for Nassau in March. The problem is where to stay? Close enough to the beaches and night entertainment but clean and safe? They were thinking of Holiday Inn Junkanoo?? any comments on this hotel? <BR>Are there any other hotels in this area that would be a better choice? Because of their age some hotels won't allow them to stay. <BR>Thanks for any info...

Rich Oct 12th, 2000 04:39 PM

Marie: <BR> <BR>I was in Nassau this past January with my former boss & co-workers. We were on a Carnival Cruise, & in port for 1 day. I worked with 2 very attractive women who, that evening, wanted to call their fiances. They didn't want to pay the exhorbitant rate on the ship, so I offered to escort them from the docks into town, so that they could make their calls from a pay phone. It was only about 8p., but the town appeared to be basically deserted. But the park where they made the calls seemed to attract some dangerous-looking characters. Needless to say, they were extremely grateful that I went with them, and I was glad I did, as well. <BR> <BR>I'm not trying to scare you or your daughter, but I wouldn't advise that women go out in Nassau at night. During the day, I think they'd be perfectly allright. <BR> <BR>I think that your best bet would be the Paradise Island Resort. It's not near the downtown, but it's close enough where they could go in the day. I haven't stayed there, but it looked like the Paradise would have more than enough going on to keep them entertained. If they can't stay at the Paradise, I'd try to find a similar resort. Hope they have a nice and safe time!

Rich Oct 12th, 2000 04:43 PM

Marie: <BR> <BR>Sorry...I meant the Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island!

tasha Oct 12th, 2000 05:04 PM

Are they too young for Breezes (part of the Superclubs chain)? The min. age there is 16, so I assume they're not too young. Its an all inclusive (keeps expenses minimal), they have a club on the premises so it will help to keep them on the grounds, and if they do decide to leave, its pretty safe to walk to neighboring hotels at night. Me and my friend (both girls) walked back and forth late at night w/ no problem whatsoever. Breezes has alot of activities to keep them busy, music playing by the pool/beach, trapeze school, karaoke, live music, etc. The beach was very pretty also.

Kevin Oct 12th, 2000 05:29 PM

Just a silly question. I keep seeing the word " junkanoo" when speaking of music, bands, and places. What is that??

Robert Oct 13th, 2000 02:55 AM

Junkanoo is the Bahamian Celebration of their Independence. The Bahamian beer called "Kahlik" has two cowbells on it, which make the "Kaahh--lick" sound during the Junkanoo Celebrations. Yes, even the beers name is made from the sound of the Junkanoo. <BR> To Marie; I don't want to sound pessimistic, but you're daughter shouldn't go out into Nassau at night, and neither should single men. I agree with staying on Paradise Island, and going to select places, with every one sticking together, and no one meeting someone and going off on their own. Nassau has big city crime, and there are some bad "dudes" who prey on tourists, especially young tourists at night. That's just the way it is in larger cities all around the world. Try a hotel with the entertainment on the premises. Robert

tweedy Oct 13th, 2000 07:30 AM

Marie, your Daughter might also like the Cable Beach area and there are several nice hotels there including the Nassau Beach Hotel, which is owned by the Marriott which is right next door. Staying there they won't have to go far for fun nitetime doings. The Rock and Roll CAfe is a short walk and the Marriott has some nitelife as well. <BR> <BR>There are several pools and a nice beach area and the Nassau Beach is very well priced and can be all inclusive. <BR> <BR>Nassau has become quite the Spring Break location so she will meet lots of other people to have fun with. <BR> <BR>Hope the girls enjoy the trip. <BR> <BR>tweedy

paula Oct 14th, 2000 12:36 PM

We were unfortunate enough to stay at Breezes during Spring Break week ( we obviously weren't thinking!!) I have kids 17, 19 and 21 I know they would have loved Breezes. All food and drinks are included - there area ll kinds of activites during the day - volleyball, an inflatable boxing ring with those huge gloves, the pool, the beach, theme nights, lots of college age kids, tennis courts, and easy access to the public bus to get into the city itself. It is just ashort walk from The Marriot Crystal Palace (off site entertainment if necessary) and there is a little club just down the street as well. It is a 10 minute bus ride into the city - we were perfectly fine strolling the area in the eveniing. As usual, can't stress enough....tell them to use their heads, be sensible and they will be fine!

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