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Pamela Mar 6th, 2000 09:13 AM

Choice Between 2 St. John Villas??
Trying to decide between 2 St. John <BR>villas. Stoneridge & La Tete Rouge. <BR>Any opinions out there? Many thanks.

Nancy Mar 6th, 2000 10:53 AM

What a choice--these are both great villas. <BR> <BR>Last year we were able to tour La Tete Rouge and it is every bit as nice a villa as the Internet Photos appear. I think the nicest thing about this villa is the wonderful flow between the inside and outside areas. The villa is located in Point Renvezvous high above Rendezvous Bay. The southshore road travels from Cruz Bay past Great Cruz Bay (Westin Resort) then past Chocolate Hole, then past the intersection with the Gift Hill Road, and then becomes a level gravel road for about a mile before entering Point Rendevous area. Villas are built in tiers both above and below this point. To get to La Tete Rouge you turn up (left) and the villa is located on the first upper tier. The view, although somewhat high, is great and stargazing from this villa would be tops. The 2 master bedrooms are pretty equal, however the lower bedroom's bath is not an island bath but pretty much a standard state-side bath. The lower bedroom also has a very nice sitting area. The upper loft bedroom does not have a private bath, but there is a bath in the pool area that could be used by the occupants of this bedroom. It is a very nice villa and would be perfect if the location was a little lower. <BR> <BR>I have not toured Stoneridge but have admired the photos on the Internet. Confusion about the villa's location has kept me from inquiring further. All sites listing this villa tout its view of the northshore beaches and its location 850 feet above Caneel Bay. I was able to find out that this villa is located off the Centerline Road (not the north shore road) and I suspect the reference to 850 feet above the beach refers to the villa's altitude compared to beach level and does not indicate the distance to the beach. Reference to the feet above the beach is common for villas off Centerline Road (Estate Catherineberg) and I believe it is used to exaggerate the access to the north shore beaches. To get from this villa to the beaches, you would have to drive back down Centerline Road through town to the beach or head up Centerline Road and turn off at the junction with the north shore road (rather than proceed to Coral Bay). <BR> <BR>Stoneridge villa looks like a wonderful villa, but its view of the north shore would be a distant view and access to the north shore beaches would not be quite as easy as implied. <BR> <BR>St. John is a small island and the drive from most villas takes 10-20 minutes at the most. Both of the villas seem equally nice with similar type views and similar access to the north shore beaches. I don't think you would go wrong with either one. <BR> <BR>

Pamela Mar 7th, 2000 05:00 AM

Nancy: <BR>Thank you very much for taking the time to provide so much valuable information. It is most appreciated. I <BR>would like to ask you one other question <BR>(as if you haven't spent enough time on me already!). Do you have any other villa recommendations? We are taking my parents who do not "do the sun". So it is important to have a terrific view from a shaded area of the house. We also would like to have both pool and spa and a nicely appointed house. I have looked at 2 other houses and wonder if you would have any input. They are Orchid Hill and Argonauta. Any better or worse than the two aforementioned villas? One last point, we don't want to overlook a busy harbor such as Cruz Bay. Hope that this request is not too much of an intrusion. Thanks again for your assistance.

Nancy Mar 7th, 2000 08:28 AM

La Tete Rouge would be a good villa with plenty of shade. The indoor and outdoor areas really have wonderful flow and there is a covered front porch with a wonderful view (the swimming pool is to the side, also with a good view). The downstairs bedroom also has a very nice living area, which would provide additional private room. <BR> <BR>I am not really crazy about the neighborhood that Argonauta is located in. On our last vacation, we drove in the general area in hopes of finding the villa. We never found the villa but I am not crazy about the Constant Point area. <BR> <BR>Orchid Hill, located on Maria Bluff, is in a good area and the views are great. The biggest negative for me is the lack of a/c in the bedrooms. <BR> <BR>I would choose La Tete Rouge over these two villas. However, you might want to check out Splendore', which is also managed by Vacation Vistas (See This is one of my favorite villas and would be great for two couples. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.

Pamela Mar 7th, 2000 09:33 AM

Nancy: Thanks again for taking time to help out. <BR>Splendore was also one that I had looked at and was actually on the top 5 list--I liked the bedrooms at either end both with the garden showers, great view, etc. I have only been to St John once and only for a short time (saw alot, but it gets blurred). Anyway, I did not know what Maria's Bluff overlooked. I really didn't want to overlook a busy harbor and on the map it looked like it might be in a busy area. Also, the living area looked a bit smaller and not quite as open as LaTete--again, though, I like the bedrooms with the garden showers (both as opposed to one, as you were able to point out). Also, LaTete did not have any pictures of the bedrooms. My folks will be spending alot of time in the house where it is shady. So a villa with a great view from inside the living area, with comfortable, well appointed indoor living is imperative. <BR>So, now that you have heard my sob story, may I ask which of the two that you would select? <BR>You have been a great help and I appreciate your sharing your time and knowledge.

Nancy Mar 7th, 2000 04:20 PM

Splendore' would be my first choice, but La Tete Rouge would be a close second. <BR> <BR>I like the Maria Bluff location better. It is a little closer and the roads are better. Splendore' is located at the tip of Maria Bluff and the view is out to sea rather than in towards Great Cruz Bay. At night time you will have a wonderful view of the twinkling lights of St. Thomas. The bedrooms are exactly equal, which makes it great for 2 couples sharing. The bathrooms are special with glass block and garden showers. The bedroom located away form the pool has a private covered porch, which would provide your parents with privacy and a shaded area with a great view. <BR> <BR>La Tete Rouge has 2 master bedrooms, but they lack the great garden bathrooms that Splendore' has. One bedroom is located on the lower level. The villa does have wonderful indoor and outdoor areas, but I think I prefer the all on one level arrangement. However, the two level arrangement might be better for you. <BR> <BR>La Tete Rouge is located about 2-3 miles further out than Splendore' and the road is gravel for about one mile. The location is a little higher up from the water. <BR> <BR>You could probably toss a coin and would be thrilled with either villa. <BR> <BR>

Pamela Mar 8th, 2000 10:55 AM

Nancy: <BR> <BR>Appreciate your quick response and apologize for my slow one. You might guess that I was really anxious to hear your choice. <BR> <BR>Your note made me feel good about the location of Splendore (the main reason that it was originally taken out of the running). We have decided that Splendore is the one and I want to sincerely thank you for all of the great information that you shared. Having you describe locations, interiors, making note of the feeling of the neighborhood all contributed greatly to the decision. <BR> <BR>You may be assured that I will be raising a glass to you on at least one occasion from the deck of Splendore! <BR> <BR>Many thanks, <BR>Pamela

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