Feb 29th, 2000, 05:36 AM
Kara Kouloheras
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I have seen a lot of postings on how expesive tickets are lately to the V.I./BVI.
I must have experienced a fluke because I got online one night looking for round trip from Boston to ST. Thomas or Tortola and found prices ranging from $670-$1000 round trip. Then, up popped $487 roundtrip Boston to Virgin Gorda with short stop over in Newark then Puerto Rico. I have heard Virgin Gorda airport isn't that great(closed at dusk) but we are going to Bitter End on Virgin Gorda so I figured what the heck (our flight departs Boston at 6:30am and arrives in Virgin Gorda at 2:30!!
I can't remember exactly but these tickets were purchased on EXPEDIA or in mid January for June 12-19. Cheap tickets can be had if you are willing to log on every day and search the various online ticket sites. Good luck.
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Mar 7th, 2000, 03:21 PM
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Kara, bask in the glow of having obtained a REAL DEAL. Except that I trade in my FF points for free tickets, it would cost me over $1200 each out of Atlanta on Delta.
All the better since it is taking you directly to Virgin Gorda. BE probably told you already whether they intended to pick you up at the Beef Island Airport (Tortola) or if they pick you up at the VG airport. If not, better check to see how they handle this.
If you're on your own to get there (unlikely), the thing to do is catch a cab out to Gun Creek and then get a water ferry across the Sound to BE.
So it's SWOS. Last I saw of Newport was when I was in DesTech. Fond memories. Had a bunch of Iranian naval officers in our class. (Yeah, that long ago.) Evidently they were Iranian royalty of some type. Arrogance personified. A year or so later we were in the Persian Gulf doing spook duty during the overthrow of the Shah.
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