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mamamo Nov 1st, 2013 07:01 PM

Cayman Hotel and Restaurant Question
Still trying to figure out this family trip and have some Cayman questions. Haven't been in a decade.
Anyone know typical hotel rates (Westin, Marriott) in Caymans for week of Thanksgiving (2014). Also will any of them prepare a feast?
I know contributors on this forum suggest a person at seven stars for Turks. Any specific person at Westin Cayman?
Also, I am trying to understand how many good dinner spots are walkable to Westin. Actually come to think of it that time of year it will be dark so may need a taxi anyway.
Thanks for all your help.

GeorgeR Nov 2nd, 2013 11:40 AM

The first thing to know is that Caymanians do not celebrate US Thanksgiving. They have their own heritage. Some restaurants may serve turkey but don't expect anything like the US. You can check with the restaurants on Grand Cayman to see what they serve, go to and call or email the restaurants. Caymanians have their own celebration which celebrates Caymanian heritage: Christmas is celebrated in a big way, there are many events in December.

If you are coming with more than 2 people, I would recommend staying at a condo instead of a hotel. You will get more space, a full kitchen, less crowded beach and a better value for your money.

If you want to check hotel rates, I would go to the usual places: hotel websites, expedia, priceline etc. November is not peak season, so the rate are very reasonable.

amer_can Nov 2nd, 2013 05:28 PM

If you are interested in the Westin on Cayman you might look at Villas of the Galleon next door. Same beach, lovely condos and the manager, Lisa, is very helpful. Mostly 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, altho there are some 1 beds with hide-a-bed and I believe there are a couple of 3 bedrms, but most are 2 with 2 baths. Unbeatable location, unbeatable beach, shops and restaurants available nearby. Love Cayman!!!

mamamo Nov 3rd, 2013 11:11 AM

Thanks so much for the information. Appreciate the feedback. A pool is a must and want some of the hotel amenities so that is why Westin was chosen.

sharona Nov 3rd, 2013 11:51 AM

We stayed at the Westin but it was years ago and I'm sure a lot has changed. We did eat a lot of breakfasts and a couple of lunches just across the street at Eats Cafe. it's very casual with decent food and prices and it's still there.

We're going to Grand Cayman next week and I looked at Villas of the Galleon but decided on Grand Cayman Beach Suites instead. We are definitely more beach people than pool people but it's nice to at least have the option for a pool. I like having a separate living room or at least a separate area with at least a couch and a chair so I didn't consider a hotel for this trip.

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