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BillJ Dec 14th, 2020 08:41 AM

Caroni Bird Sanctuary Trinidad Tobago
Cruising the Caribbean in December 2021, includes a stop at Port of Spain. The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is high on our list, but our ship is only there from 8 AM to 4 PM. The private tours I can find on the internet all depart approx 4 PM, because in the evening/late afternoon, huge flights of the red Ibis return to their nests for the night. I can find no tour company doing a midday tour. The ship's shore excursion goes from 10 to 1, which obviously misses the spectacular return of the red ibis. However, if this is the only way to see the park, and what it has to offer, well, I guess we'll take it.
Question 1. Without the huge flights of returning red ibis, will we see enough other things (birds, wildlife) to be worth it?
Question 2. Does anyone know of a private (non-ship) tour company that goes out in midday?
Thank you for any ideas.

Re-posting with tag to Trinidad Tobago. Previous post was erroneously tagged to Turks.

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